Friday, November 26, 2010

Poll: Majority of Americans Say Health Care Law Should Stand or be Expanded

Fifty-one percent of registered voters say that Congress should let the new health care reform law continue as is or change it so that it does more, according to a McClatchy/Marist Institute poll conducted Nov. 11-15. Thirty-three percent want to repeal it completely, 11 percent want it changed so that it is less sweeping and 5 percent are undecided.

Among those who support the legislation, 16 percent are in the "let it stand" camp while 35 percent believe it should be changed to do more.

You wouldn't think that was the case by reading the papers, watching TV or listening to the radio - they made it seem that everybody thought it was a bad idea.

I often wondered, what part of the law don't the middleclass people like?

Is it that insurance companies cannot drop you or refuse you coverage for pre-existing illnesses? Do they not like that?

Is it that now your insurance covers your children up to the age of 26 if they do not have access to insurance?

Or do the middleclass people not like that their lifetime medical expenses CANNOT have a cap or maximum anymore?

The Republican congressional leadership included a vow to repeal health care in its pre-election "Pledge to America".

Many GOP candidates ran on a promise to work towards scrapping what they dubbed "Obamacare."
Read between the lines folks - it's POLITICAL.

That is in the Pledge To America???

No matter what party is in they all pull the same tricks - give a catchy "nice sounding" name to a bill or law that actually screws the middleclass people.

When they do that, a large number of those same middleclass people trust it by the name it's called and end up supporting it. Nice trick that works over and over.