Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dutchess County Executive Bill Stienhaus: Anti-Union Scum At Its Best

Dutchess County Executive Bill Stienhaus is at it again. This man lives to bash the unions. At least he doesn't hide it though. He is proud to be against anything that will help a working person advance or make a better living. Every time his own county employees have a contract coming up - he starts with his anti union diatribe. He tormented the Dutchess County LOOP Bus drivers last year.

He vetoed the Electrical License because he saw it as a "union issue" although it was pushed heavily by the non union contractors association. He vetoed it calling it a favor for unions by Democrats. The non union contractors had a fit. The good news was after reading his "I want to beat the union" reasons for his veto - the Legislature of Dutchess County overrode his veto. So, like the spoiled child he is - Bill Stienhaus then just refused to fund it. Again , calling it a union issue.

He is a sick man. Was his mother a coal company boss in the 30's or something?

His new target is project labor agreements. The Legislature passed a resolution stating that they would CONSIDER a pla on projects that cost over $3.5 million dollars. He vetoed it. But before he vetoed it, republican sources say that he made his rounds throughout the REPUBLICAN PARTY threatening certain relatives county jobs and to withhold funding for fellow republicans future campaigns if any of those republicans voted for the pla. Some were original sponsors.

So I ask, is this governing? Is this how we elect leaders and want them to decide whether a law is worth supporting?

Project Labor Agreements do NOT prohibit non union contractors or workers from working on the PLA project.

That is all propaganda and a deliberate and outright LIE. By the way, Orange County Community College and Marlboro schools in Ulster County are both building under a pla as we speak.

Come out from behind your desk Bill Stienhaus- there is no boogie man but you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

President Obama Addresses The AFL-CIO - Finally a United States President Who Supports The Advancement Of The American Workforce!

It is about TIME.

New Beginning For The AFL-CIO - TRUMKA

The American Labor Movement will be moving to the front of the stage once again and will be heard and seen with newly elected President Richard Trumka. He promises to bring new hope and new ideas and exposure to the plight of the American Workers.

It is about TIME.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Remember What Labor Day Is Really About

An American President who acknowledges that working people, labor,unions and the creation of jobs are and should be top priorities in this country.

Which Side Are YOU on?

Here is a little Labor history lesson:

Joe Hill - Google him kids:

Did anyone notice that the local newspapers barely mention what Labor Day is really about? Do you think that is done by design?

I do.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daycare Center Has License Suspended

A daycare center at 14 Pond Street in the Town of Poughkeepsie has had their daycare license suspended. The owners were both arrested for endangering the welfare of a child.

The owners were LICENSED to operate the residential daycare facility.

On August 18, a four-year-old nearly drowned in a pool there. The child was taken to the hospital, treated and later released and is recovering at home.

An investigation revealed they did not have a waiver for the pool from the State Office of Children and Family Services and did into provide adequate supervision for the children.

As a result, their LICENSE was SUSPENDED. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So this means that because they needed a license to operate this business (that could harm the public or kill someone) and because they did not follow the rules and regulations - they are now shut down because of the licensing law.

Wow! What a good idea.

But who needs licenses? Their license probably cost them around $200-$300 dollars a year. Imagine how much of that $200-$300 dollars a year their customers had to pony up? I bet each one of their customers probably paid $2 dollars or $5 dollars or even maybe $10 dollars over the course of ONE YEAR! - if they only had thirty customers.

So now, someone explain why licensing certain businesses isn't a good idea? Act as a danger while you are plying your business - and you are out of business or at least suspended. Take away the need for a license and these business can't be stopped.

Now go out and hire that electrician to wire your mothers house. You know, the one in the white van with no markings on it and Connecticut plates.