Friday, October 31, 2008

Friends With Low Wages: Come On Employee Free Choice Act!

Step right up folks! Tuesday November 4, 2008 and vote for Barack Obama. There is something brewing in this land that will change the way the largest employer in the country and every other unfair employer treats their workers.

The Walmart greeter may actually become a good job to have!

The Employee Free Choice Act will soon be law! Employers won't be given ample time to hire high priced attorneys to threaten their workers who want to organize.

No longer will Americans be treated and humiliated like the Newburgh Perfume workers!

Just a little fun video for my McCain supporting friends ( very few it who think that this is OK and how corporations should treat American workers.

Change is coming. Obama in 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Same Situations Breed Same Results: 1936 - 2008

In another 5 days, We The People, will have another President of the United States who will truly care about the average Americans, who will prove that by his actions and who will have the fortitude to tell those who have not, that they are full of crap, their party is over and to get the hell out of the way.

The United States of Corporate Greed is about to END. There's a New Deal coming.

FDR in 1936
Obama in 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally: A President And Leader For The Middle Class

On November 4, 2008 the country's middleclass, non-silver spoon AMERICANS will vote for a President who speaks directly to them, who cares about them and who knows that the middleclass Americans are truly hurting. They will vote for a President who agrees with the massses that they have been fed a line of crap for eight years. A President who will work to INCLUDE the well being of the middle class in all of his policies.

....and it is about time.

Get out and vote for yourself, the shrinking American middleclass and our country.

Obama by a landslide 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Employer Intimidation Forces Workers To Publicly Humiliate Themselves And Denounce Union

This is EXACTLY why the Employee Free Choice Act must be passed. This story is making its way across the entire country RIGHT NOW. Too bad Orange County will take the brunt as the place where this happened. (For once it's not Ulster.)

The Teamsters Local 445 were contacted by employees of Concept Packaging, the country's second largest bottler of nail polish, and asked to come organize the plant. The people there were working years for minimum wage and had no rights and no benefits. Not even a sick day! The employees met with the union and 40 workers signed a petition asking Local 445 to represent them. They went to the National Labor Relations Board and the Board set a date of November 14, 2008 to have an election.

Right after the election date was set, the owner Jeffrey Fanning, began firing longtime employees who signed the petition to have a union.

Fanning fired 30 of the 40 people whose names appeared on that petition. This obviously scared the crap out of the remaining employees. Threats, firings and intimidation have a way of making even American workers back down from trying to better themselves. Truth is, it must scare non-American ones too - but that's a whole other story.

Martin Rosas, a fork lift operator for 19 years said he makes more than minimum wage but has no health insurance or sick days. "I come to work sick because I need the money. I think everybody here don't need the union."

Gloria Garcia, has been a line worker for 7 years and still makes minimum wage said, "I don't know why they want a union, pay is ok for me".

OSHA is currently investigating workers complaints (lodged before the protest) of toxic fumes and poor ventilation. "We don't need the masks," said Garcia, "It's just a little smell".
Another employee said she wanted to take a vacation but didn't dare to ask. I'm afraid to ask, they'll say, "you might as well go home."

Amazingly - at the "protest" - most of the employees seemed to have difficulty with the english language BUT somehow they made these perfect signs all in english. They must have spent much of their minimum wage pay at the office supply stores for poster boards, paint, markers and stencils and wooden handles.

I am sure that Mr. Fanning couldn't have had anything to do with the protest, buying the materials or making the signs they had. Could he? Nooooo, that would violate Federal Law.

The Employee Free Choice Act would have saved 30 people from being fired and allowed the workers to have what they wanted in the first place - a chance to bargain and make a decent wage. Now they are out in the street forced to publicly humiliate and make fools of themselves - fighting to have no rights, no benefits and demanding to be paid minimum wage.

How sad and ridiculous for America in 2008.

Obama will pass the Employee free Choice Act and change this bullshit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mayors Hit List Lacks Sincere Thought

The Mayor of Kingston, James Sottile, has presented the Common Council with his suggestion of ways to help cut the Kingston budget. Problem is, that his plan looks suspiciously like a disguised pay back to the CSEA. He is, among other things, proposing job cuts and demotions to 25 year veterans of the city work force and the PROMOTION of, (ok, I’ll say it), his political buddy’s nephew. His “Boat” buddy.

Why in the world would you even propose an $8000 pay cut to a long time employee
and then in the next breath propose to elevate Jim Nobles nephew from a part-time
position, to a full-time one?

It’s taking the money away from one employee who already gave 25 years of their life to the city and transferring their “pay cut” to another employee with two years service. Something smells rotten about that.

It’s just not rational.

Hey, here’s a novel idea. If JOBS ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE CUT, LET US LOOK AT THE ENTIRE CITY OF KINGSTON WORKFORCE and layoff the people who were hired LAST, in every department. That may or may not include workers in the CSEA and it may affect other workers BUT it RECOGNIZES that longevity means something.

Other cuts can be made through attrition. There are positions throughout the city - in all departments – that will become vacant due to retirements that do not have to be filled. That is also a cost savings over the course of this budget. Even departments such as fireman who have contract provisions guarding against layoffs would be able to do their small part in this crisis.

To just throw darts against the CSEA,which is obviously a “Bullseye” to the Mayor, shows that no thought went into his proposal. Let’s hope that the Common Council can see that trimming the crust off the pie first is the answer – and cancel the whip cream while you are at it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sign Of The Times

McPain sign spotted near Orange / Ulster border

I was driving around in the Hudson Valley when I spotted this sign. You wouldn't think that you would notice it that easily while driving by but it just jumped out and screamed for its picture to be taken.

Problem was that when I pulled over to take the picture, other cars started pulling over too. I though maybe some irate McCain supporters were going to demand my passport or something -but do you know what the other people who pulled over asked?

"Hey ! Where do I get one of those signs ? I want one!" The camera phones were flashing after that - big time.

Obama in 2008

Ulster County: Electrical Fire Destroys Home, Seriously Damages Apartment In Tillson

Electrical fire in Tillson - car, home, apartment destroyed

( Photo courtesy Daily Freeman )

TILLSON - A house on River Road was burned to the ground in an electical fire that spread to an adjacent apartment causing serious damage and spreading further yet to destroy a vehicle nearby. Firefighters were able to save the apartment but it will need extensive repairs before it can be occupied again. Everything else was lost. The house at 47 River Road was ablaze when firefighters arrived about 11:20 a.m. Three engines and about half a dozen tankers were at the scene for almost eight hours.

Thank God that their were no injuries or deaths. This electrical fire is THIRD one in this part of the Hudson Valley since October 8 and latest one in Ulster County. This tragically demonstrates the need to establish electrical contractor licensing. Dutchess County passed their Electrical licensing law just one day before this fire. Where is ours??

Ulster Legislators need to get to work NOW and start making serious
progress in regard to establishing their Ulster County electrical license.
As of right now, Ulster County is OFFICIALLY the ONLY county where the untrained,unlicensed and unsafe electricians can wire homes.

The license will improve the quality of persons installing electrical work for all people of Ulster County and provide a means to determine who installed what, where and how. Quite simply, with a license ALL WORK MUST BE DONE ABOVE THE RADAR, no non inspected work, and there is a name to match to every installation.

WE NEED THAT LAW NOW MORE THAN EVER. Our people are the last ones who are not protected.

Political football players on this subject will be OUTED not only here, but in the court of public opinion and mercilessly, IN THE PUBLIC ARENA.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Emperor Has No Clothes! Dutchess Legislators Override Steinhaus Veto 18-7!

The Emperor - William "Boss Hog" Steinhaus

The Dutchess County Legislature voted 18-7 tonight to override County Executive William Steinhaus’ veto of a law that requires licensing for electrical contractors. The vote overcame much political arm twisting by the man known to many as "Boss Hog", Bill Steinhaus.

Notoriously anti-union, paranoid and dictator-like, Steinhaus was shown what true democracy really is with the passing of this law despite his threats to those in his OWN party. Hudson Valley Labor report has a copy of a letter written by none other than Boss Hog himself to a pro-license legislator threatening retribution for going against party lines.

Steinhaus is the stereotypical old, crabby, back biting, controlling politician that the people have grown to dispise so much.

He is a direct example of what is wrong with our government today. I am sure that when news spreads of this threatening letter it will haunt author Bill Steinhaus for a long time to come. His punch drunk power trip is coming to an end.

It reminded me of when the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz started melting and the munchkins all came out to see it. The whole crowd cheered!

Boss Hog learned the hard way today that the people are tired of the partisan politics he plays and they want action from their leaders, not game playing.

The winners here are the people of Dutchess County who will be guaranteed that the electricians they hire will be qualified, carry insurance, have all of their work inspected, safe legitimate businessmen who can be matched to every job they do.

Rip people off, no more license. Do unsafe things, no more license. Perfect!

Great job to the 18 who voted yes to protect the consumers! To the other 7 who voted no........ you sold out your people so Bill Steinhaus wouldn't punish you.....

........real leaders lead, worthless sheep follow!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Electrical Fires Erupt In Dutchess County Within Five Days Of Bill Steinhaus's Veto Of Electrical Licensing


A house in Tivoli and a business in the Village of Fishkill were gutted by fire just five days after County Executive William Steinhaus vetoed the Electrical License law.
Both fires were electrical fires.

Thank God no Dutchess County residents were killed or burned as both buildings were empty at the time of each blaze.

How much more foolish can a person look then Bill Steinhaus looks today? He is caught in the old style political mold that so many people are tired of these days. An angry,nasty,back-biting politician who will sacrifice anyone and anything, including his own constituents safety, just to win what he thinks is a political joust with the opposing political party. Even if it only exists in his own mind.

He will be spending the next few days twisting the arms of his fellow Republicans to change their yes votes for the electrical license to no votes. The legislature sent the bill to him with enough BI-PARTISAN votes to override his veto. Hold tight Dutchess County Legislators and don't trade your constituents safety over a manufactured,ficticious political fight that exists only in some bully's head.

They don't call him Boss Hog for nothing.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steinhaus: Boss Hog Plays Foolish Politics Over Dutchess County Residents Safety

Licensing those who do electrical work just makes good sense. Ask New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Greene counties. (All of which surround Dutchess County and protect their residents by requiring electrical contractors to have licenses)

Of course though, if you are Dutchess County Executive Bill Steinhaus - mudslinging and playing politics over ensuring the safety of your residents is your favorite, personal little game. No matter who it hurts! Even his own citizens!

Just smear reality with phoney claims of favoritism and insist that it will cost too much and you can APPEAR to be making a sound decision. By the way, the license costs a contractor $350 dollars a year - which is about the cost of two spools of wire spread over the course of that year! What a phoney "leader" he really is.


It's time for Steinhaus to get off his dictators podium and come back to reality and do his job. But it is obviously too late for THAT, he's too far gone. Bill Steinhaus is punch drunk WITH POWER AND OUT OF TOUCH with what is truly right for Dutchess County families.

The first parent who loses a child to an electrical fire in Dutchess County can thank Bill Steinhaus for putting politics over people.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Republican and Democrat Legislators Vow To Override Boss Steinhaus Veto of Electrical License

Republican and Democratic Dutchess County Legislators will be voting soon to override the veto of the electrical license sent down by County Executive "Boss Hog" William Steinhaus. Mr. Steinhaus, you might remember, scheduled a public meeting to gather information on what the public thought of the proposal. He said he would base his decision on that public meeting. The only problem was that he didn't even bother to show up for it. He was afraid to see for his own eyes that 54 Dutchess County residents showed up and 52 spoke in favor of it. The bill has also the support of 66% of the Legislature and of both parties. Enough to override his veto.

But....when one has a political ax to grind and plays politics over public safety, it's dam the people and the hell with the facts. You see, Boss Hog sees this as a democrat issue. And he hates the democrats. He can't put that to the side even for a minute. He very clearly states that in the opening remarks of his weak excuse of a competent decision. He masks the veto as his attempt to save the people from ECONOMIC harm. That is pure non sense.

Tell me, how does a $350 annual fee for a license ECONOMICALLY affect the many customers a business has over the course of a year? Now let's compare that to unlicensed, uninsured, uninspected, unsafe installations that come from people who are afraid to prove they know the electrical business. Installing wiring in, lets just say for example, YOUR MOTHERS house?

The next electrical fire or God forbid - a fatality, that occurs in Dutchess County as of this date because of an electrical fire, is on Bill Steinhaus's head. To all of the bi -partisan legislators who have promised to override this veto - thank you for standing up to this political bully. Give Dutchess residents the piece of mind that comes with knowing the electrician they hire is licensed, insured, competent, inspected and SAFE.

Resist the arm twisting and threats that will be coming down hard on you and vote for the safety of the people that you represent. Show Steinhaus he is wrong for putting politics before safety.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fair and Balanced FOX News Brainwashing Viewers - Big Brother Style

Can you believe that this really goes on? I wonder what they are flashing during the Sean Hannity show? This is the kind of thing they do in communist countries. What will they flash next? Mao Tse-tung? Fair and Balanced my ass. It does explain why people who get "daily doses" of their messages act the way they do though.

Flashing a McDonalds hamburger during a movie would be bad enough but subliminally brainwashing a national audience in regard to the Presidential race is a whole new ballgame.

Obama in 08. (This is not a subliminal message)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Even Fox News Can't Stop Obama Debate Win

This is a riot. Announcers from FOX News, the official Bush / McCain brainwashing station of America, look like deer caught in the headlights when the reality sinks in that Americans are supporting Obama after the second debate. The clip says it all.

Let's see, 6 people raised their hands for McCain. Is that really half? Ok, Let's have a recount. Or let's just ask a different way until they get it right. Embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing.

Obama in a landslide.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Working AMERICANS Choice For President

If you are a middleclass worker, who depends on a weekly paycheck and you want to see your ability to support your family IMPROVE instead of GET WORSE THAN IT IS NOW, you should vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States on November 4.

One thing is certain, there are many issues that get thrown back and forth in a Presidential race. However, the absolute fact is the ABILITY TO MAKE A DECENT LIVING AND NOT HAVE THAT ABILITY ERODED, as it has been for the last eight years, trumps them all. You can't do nuttin without a paycheck.

There are plenty of rich people on radio and television who speak to the people as though they are on your side, on your level, on the same page, in the same boat - that is bullcrap. They are just doing a job. And that job is to snow the little people into VOTING AGAINST THEMSELVES. And they are scared shitless that this year you are not falling for it.
American workers have been left out of the party since 2000, and look what that has produced for our middleclass. I don't even have to write it, it's so bad. Everyone knows that our middleclass standards are plummeting - AND IT WAS ALL DONE BY DESIGN!

EXCEPT THIS TIME THEY PUSHED GOOD OLD AMERICAN JOEY PAYCHECK TOO FAR. More people have registered to vote in this election than anytime in American history. Be one! Get involved and be part of changing America back to America. We have been sold out to corporate thieves FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS and it is time to comeback,kick some ass and take names. We can do that by voting on November 4 for Barack Obama.
Hudson Valley Labor Report Prediction on October 4, 2008 - OBAMA BY A LANDSLIDE.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Show Me The Money! We've Been Saying That For A Year Now!

Nothing like an election year to bring more people out into the fray. The Industrial Development Agency free-money give away that has been going on FOR YEARS and right under the publics nose, has finally come to light. The dismal and embarrassing record of the Ulster IDA has been an active subject in the halls of labor for many, many moons now and FINALLY, the rest of the county has awoken from their slumber. Ours is not a political vendetta, our concern is based on more than just electioneering. Our concern is based on results. JOBS for people. REAL PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM BAD. Unfortunately, there have been none.

It is evident that "Hot air" - not solar, is the most renewable energy source in Ulster. That's what we get instead of results from the job creation "business". And that's just what it is, a business. Lance makes a great living, March makes her connections and the little people make squat. We have millionaires coming to the IDA board with their hands out and getting millions back for NOTHING.

And don't BS us and try to explain that it's not really money - that's a pure crock of crap. IT IS MONEY - AND A TON OF IT! People come to that board and they walk out with a monetary GAIN. And don't have to do a thing for it but show up to the meeting. It all comes from and out of the taxpayers pockets - YOU CAN SLICE IT ANYWAY YOU WANT - it's money.

The IDA and their board members - past and present - didn't give a crap about anything but gladhanding the parade of high class welfare recipients and it was to hell with REALLY creating ANY jobs. And ask for them to set some sort of standards for those jobs and our board - the ones who are charged with promoting the economic well being of Ulster residents scream that they can't do that or we will scare the the ones with their hands out and full of no promises - away.

They don't even check back later to see what happened. They just move on to the next one.

Don't believe it? Let's lay the record on the table - money spent vs jobs created - and it will hit you right between the eyes. You can start with the hundreds of construction jobs lost to our residents and move on from there. Are you listening Paul Kirby? What a Sunday Paper story that would be.