Friday, May 8, 2009

Ulster County Residents - Check Your Shorts

Last night, the Dutchess County Lawmakers approved the installation of their Electrical Licensing Board. The actual licensing law was approved in the fall of 2008. The board will have its first meeting this month to elect a Chairman and begin to lay out their plan to issue licenses.

Ulster residents should be aware that the only place left now in the ENTIRE Hudson Valley Region for the uninsured, unqualified, unlicensed, fly by night electricians (some who know just enough to be dangerous) to make a living is in - where else - Ulster County.

Be very careful when hiring an electrician after next month. Ask for insurance. Ask for qualifications. Ask for an IBEW electrician to do the work.

The influx of unqualified electricians into Unlicensed Ulster County will increase dramatically by June.

When you ask for an IBEW electrician to do the work, the contractor is GUARANTEED to be an electrical license holder in the Hudson Valley and will use ONLY electricians who are certified by NYS as Journeyman Electricans.

When you lights go out or worse yet, your house goes up in flames - you will wish you did.

The next thing you should ask for is an explanation from your Ulster County Legislators about why they are letting you hang out to dry like this.


Anonymous said...

Electricians in Ulster still need to be inspected and insured by an underwriting agency. This whole licensing scam is just another way too skim a few bucks out of consumers. Once the customer has only the contractor himself inspecting and insuring his own work, a lot more houses will go up in flames. Power breeds corruption and shoddy, half-assed work will result. I'll take an independent inspector over a self inspection by the billing hack anyday. I've seen what's happened in NYC. Ulster county has it right. No foxes watching the henhouse. Dutchess will see prices go up and quality plummet and the resulting loss of life and property will prove that this system is a failure. Dutchess residents better bone up on their code requirements fast, and update their insurance policies to cover the ensuing losses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Bullhorner. Hopefully Ulster County will come into the 21st century and require licensing. Until then anyone living outside of Kingston will be in trouble.

bullhorner said...

10:42 Glad you support having Electrical work inspected by an INDEPENDENT INSPECTOR because that is EXACTLY what is STILL required with the Electrical license.

Licensed contractors DO NOT and CAN NOT inspect their own work as you have obviously been misled to believe.

Here is an important point in regard to your shoddy work comment:

With a license:
Do shoddy work, don't pass insections, you can lose that license.

Without a license:
Do shoddy work, don't pass inspections, move on to the next customer.

So your hen house is safer with the license after all - isn't it chicken little?

Anonymous said...

10:42 Whats the real issue? I bet its that you're too stupid to pass the test.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you are boasting IBEW. I thought this was a non union issue. Are there, or are there not plenty of non unionized licensed electricians?

bullhorner said...

9:08 yes there are plenty of non union electrical contractors....and not ONE of them can boast that every one of their workers is certified by NYS as a journeyman electrician.

The FACT is that IBEW contractors are the ONLY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS who can prove that EVERY electrician they employ is CERTIFIED AND QUALIFIED BY THE STATE.

Unfortunately, the non union sector employers cannot do that.

The point being made in the story was about hiring guaranteed, knowledgeable contractors in a county that has no license.

You obviously have an issue with proper training or just the unions in general.

And if thats the case - thats tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Way to let 'em down easy bullhorner - hahahaha. You know these anti-union guys need to be handled with kid gloves when they get exposed for not knowing what they are talking about.

You can see that his issue is not really the license. He just has a problem with unions so I agree 100%with you bullhorner.
tough shit 9:08

hudsonvalleyelectrician said...

Funny I THOUGHT the ONLY issue was Licensing

hudsonvalleyelectrician said...

I support licensing in any county as long as it has provisions for grandfathering those of us in.I have been doing electrical contracting for quite a while, passing all inspections. And don't feel that any new law should change anything. I should not be put out of business by your new law. The fact that I pass ALL my inspections and am still in business after 20 years are both statements to the caliber of my work. At my age tests I am not so good at...

bullhorner said...

Every area that establishes an electrical license has provisions to grandfather those longtime legitimate businesses in. That is only fair. I understand your point completely. I hope that you see, as a person in the business, that it is just as important to have a license as it is the ability for the authorities to take it away. Similiar to your driving priviledges.