Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dutchess County Executive Bill Stienhaus: Anti-Union Scum At Its Best

Dutchess County Executive Bill Stienhaus is at it again. This man lives to bash the unions. At least he doesn't hide it though. He is proud to be against anything that will help a working person advance or make a better living. Every time his own county employees have a contract coming up - he starts with his anti union diatribe. He tormented the Dutchess County LOOP Bus drivers last year.

He vetoed the Electrical License because he saw it as a "union issue" although it was pushed heavily by the non union contractors association. He vetoed it calling it a favor for unions by Democrats. The non union contractors had a fit. The good news was after reading his "I want to beat the union" reasons for his veto - the Legislature of Dutchess County overrode his veto. So, like the spoiled child he is - Bill Stienhaus then just refused to fund it. Again , calling it a union issue.

He is a sick man. Was his mother a coal company boss in the 30's or something?

His new target is project labor agreements. The Legislature passed a resolution stating that they would CONSIDER a pla on projects that cost over $3.5 million dollars. He vetoed it. But before he vetoed it, republican sources say that he made his rounds throughout the REPUBLICAN PARTY threatening certain relatives county jobs and to withhold funding for fellow republicans future campaigns if any of those republicans voted for the pla. Some were original sponsors.

So I ask, is this governing? Is this how we elect leaders and want them to decide whether a law is worth supporting?

Project Labor Agreements do NOT prohibit non union contractors or workers from working on the PLA project.

That is all propaganda and a deliberate and outright LIE. By the way, Orange County Community College and Marlboro schools in Ulster County are both building under a pla as we speak.

Come out from behind your desk Bill Stienhaus- there is no boogie man but you.


Anonymous said...

The electricians law is a really, really, stupid idea. That kind of protectionism creates slums out of areas. He's right not to fund it. I don't care who's getting a favor from it, the people will be getting the shaft if it gets implemented.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Bullhorner, Steinhaus is a total scumbag and is HATED by labor. He and Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile both make it clear they are opposed to organized labor, they are upfront about it. Both have fought against PLAs and hurt good, working people in thier respective communities because of it.

Qualified Electrician said...

To 1:45 Can I send an electrician that cannot pass a test to prove he knows what he is doing to wire your mothers house?

Lets do away with drivers licenses. I never had an accident.

I also probably could fill a cavity or two.

I am interested to hear you explain your opinion in a little more detail.

Anonymous said...

hey 1:45, I had an electrician do work at my house before i knew there was an actual license out there.This so called master electrician used the wrong guage wire for my service,used indoor wire for an underground feed to a light pole, and burned up a 120 volt attic fan with a 220 volt line.All cost for fixing it came out of my pocket cause i wasn't going to have that hack in my house again.Now i ask you?,did i get the shaft for not having a licensed electrician do the work, you bet i did,This is a protection for the tax paying home owner and registered voter.Stienhaus i"m watching you and i won't forget!

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river. Make YOURSELVES more competitive, instead of relying on the government to FORCE your outrageous hourly wage on us.

Just because Steinhaus vetoed this, doesn't mean he opposes organized labor, and has nothing to do with whether or not he is a scumbag. But your comments is indicative to the mainstream attitude towards union. Keep up the 'good' image. It helps keep the cliche

For Your Information said...

9:20am - must be nice to be home while everyone is working. The wage is not the issue, learn the facts before butting in with your stupid remarks and believe it or not nobody cares what a scabby shithead like you thinks.

Anonymous said...

Need I say more, paper ass wipe, no, cloth ass wipe. This way, you can be used over and over again, dick. It IS wage based, that's the entire argument. Prevailing wages. Talk about head up ones ass.

Bullhorner said...

10:06pm - Now Now if you are going to come in and antagonize and bash "the unions" somebody is probably going to rough you up a little bit.

But please, argue nice ok?

I don't want to have to censor you.

Resorting to bad words is a sign that they got under your skin.

Anonymous said...