Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Message from Uncle Sam


Anonymous said...

I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

Bullhorner I agree also. But in the City of Kingston is starting a union busting campaign.

Mike Schupp the Mayors Pup started it on Friday. Union busting 101. Captive audience at DPW, Schupp began blasting union president Bart Robins for filing grievaces and sending him e-mails about workers rights.

But to Schupp's surprise the members rose up and blasted him for all the lies he has been spreading. Defending Robins and his actions.

Schupp tried to lie about what he said to the press. He said he defended his workers, But Robins went home and got the articles from the papers and handed them out.

Now everyones knows that Schupp is just a lying piece of Sh--. He's a politician not a department head.

Anonymous said...

6:23 I was at that meeting and even the Mayor's buddy Mike Williams blasted the Mayor and Schupp for not sticking up for the employees. Schupps comments in the paper were disgraceful about his employees. He blantently lied on Friday and the members called him on it. Schupp is nothing but a piece of shit. He is just one of the UNION UNFRIENDLY DEMOCRATS IN KINGSTON.

Anonymous said...

Yes remember Mike Schupp was one of the "good ol boys" before TR Gallo ren him out of town.

Anonymous said...

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