Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All Employees And Employers

Merry Christmas to all employees and employers. Maybe now is a good time to explain a little something so that people know where Hudson Valley Labor Report is coming from throughout the year. There are many employers in the Hudson Valley who are good employers. They treat their people well and with respect. Some may not be union employers either and that's ok.

(Here comes the but) ......but if they truly are good and caring employers they would allow their employees - when the employees chose to - to organize to bargain collectively in regard to the rules at their workplace. When that happens, the employees are doing the exact same thing that their employer does - joining an organization to "network" and "expand" their "opportunities".

The most important part of all of this is that the employees would have a better relationship with their employer. A more constant, upfront, specific and steady relationship. The employers business relationship with the employees would now be just like every other business relationship the employer has - it would be in writing.

I can already hear it - the "employee handbook" takes care of that. Not true. The handbook does not create the same business relationship the employer has with everyone else they do business with. Does anyone in the class know why?

The employee handbook is exclusively created, maintained and can be changed unilaterally by the employer. There is no other business or other business man that would agree to "work" under that type of agreement. Both parties need to have their concerns addressed and access to a method to fairly work out any kind of disagreement in the relationship.

The great part of the relationship is that when you have a contract both parties actually AGREE on it before it can go into effect. The unfair characterization of this arrangement is that somehow when employees want a contract in their business relationship with their employer they dictate what that contract contains. That is not true.

It is exactly like any other business relationship. We sell our labor and we prefer to have a written and fair contract just like those who sell objects and services.

Unfortunately, many employees were fired this year for wanting this.

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

Greetings and merry christmas to you Bullhorner! Alas, some employers feel threatened by the prospect of a contract between thier employees and themselves. What they fail to realize is that the contract works BOTH ways and can be an asset to the employer as well! When we have clear and precise guidelines that determine our day to day operations whether in an office, a construction site, a factory or a municipality, it can be extremely helpful to both parties and need not be a threatening device at all. Thats my two cents bullhorner, and may you and yours enjoy a happy cristmas!!

Anonymous said...

It is of course this ruinous Mayor Sottile of Kingston who has caused these problems along with his buddy Charles Landi with his stupid rhetoric.
In the end Sottile proved that he cares not whether the roads are cleared in the winter or that Aunt Grannie slips and falls on the ice in the middle thereof. They are a bunch of stupid fools who care only about themselves.
Of course the object of this exercise boys and girls was to ensure that the will of CSEA is broken when the next contract is negotiated and then victory can be claimed by Sottile and company.
I can only hope there is a political cost to Sottile and company for doing business this way, but I fear that won't happen.