Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contractors Caught Paying Off The Books And Deducting No Taxes On Job Built Using NYS Money

Remember when the local construction unions were told that their contractors were NOT competitive enough with their bids to build the new Orange Regional Medical Center hospital?

Well, well, look at this one.

No wonder why legitimate union contractors prices were rejected as being too "HIGH".

The New York State Department of Labor has heavily fined THREE NON-UNION CONTRACTORS at the Orange Regional Medical Center for paying workers off the books, not paying them overtime and illegally deducting money from their paychecks.

Not to mention they brought in Out of State Workers to do it.

The Department of Labor announced Wednesday that it fined the three companies a total of $265,207. The workers were robbed of $118,000 in wages and illegal deductions from what little pay they did get.

It all seems pretty clear now who were the good guys, who were the bad guys in the construction of this hospital.

The ones working and building the hospital didn't pay their taxes on their pay and yet the unemployed locals paid the tax on their unemployment checks.

Thanks Orange Regional Medical Hospital for all you have done to and for our local LEGITIMATE CONTRACTORS AND WORKERS.

And thanks for showing the entire Hudson Valley and the union workers why you cannot believe the spin put on the "sin" of making a prevailing wage or that it is bad for business.

We will forever use the Orange Regional Medical Center as an example of how many contractors in the construction business submit that "lowest bid".

Thank you Thank you Thank you


cheat to win said...

This is going on all over the Hudson Valley. The underground economy is running rampant - no taxes paid even on jobs that are paid for and built with our tax money.

Our great leaders who always flinch when the building trades come around trying to promote good paying jobs should get on board with the concept of fairness and legitimacy.

Woodland Ponds was no better than this with their immigration issues and IDA money.

Anonymous said...

The taxes that are lost every day in New York State in the construction industry are staggering.

We could close the budget deficit if we cracked down on this business.

Anonymous said...

Why no comment or story about Sottile once again engaging in union busting??

Anonymous said...

I think Dollar Value in Apple Valley Plaza pays its workers without reporting tax revenue, as well well below the required minimum wage. It would be nice to see this business shut down and a legitimate one take its place.

Bullhorner said...

12:26 am - I don't know if you work there or not - or know someone who does - but maybe a call to the NYS Department of Labor would help.

Google NYS Department of Labor and you will be able to contact them to make a complaint.