Friday, December 10, 2010

Powerful Speech - Open Your Ears And Your Mind To The Truth

This is a powerful speech that can just stand on its own. This is the 800 pound gorilla in the country. All of this goes on while they have us enthralled with reality shows and Snookie.

It's more like Snookered.

Pass this around for people to see because it is something we never hear or get breaking news on......the truth.


Anonymous said...

Wow... This good senator has just brought a little more faith ,for me, in believing that there are some politicians that will fight for my family and I. This guy is a true champion of the people! our local politicians need to to take a look at this video and follow the example of this fine gentleman that speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

Senator Sanders is working hard and obviously very passionate about doing his job to represent the PEOPLE! If we had another 10 senators like him, we would be in good shape. The working middle class of this country is hurting. Keep fighting Senator Sanders, we need you!