Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero For Workers Rights

Here is an example of what is in store for all American Workers,if they don't wake up and see what is happening to their "dream" and begin to openly support protecting workers rights again.

This is about the American right to collective bargaining. If you think that this is just a public employee issue - you are wrong. If you think it's purely a tax issue - it is not. The monetary requests of the Governor have been agreed to. They agreed to increase pension and health contributions.

This is now PURELY about the right to bargain. They have a Governor who believes that American workers should have no say or seat at the table.

This is something you would read about in China.

These people are now fighting for only that - the right to bargain. This is past paying more for health insurance or pensions - they already agreed on that.......this is an all out assault on American Workers rights - period. It IS political and CORPORATE DRIVEN. With a goal to "trickle down" the attack to the rest of the American Workforce. Don't be fooled, the only way to protect yourself is to band together.

Unions are the only avenue for workers to use to protect their rights and benefits they have worked hard for. No one else does that or is interested in doing that. Doesn't it make sense that corporations would fight their very existence?

That is what is going on in Wisconsin.
And that's an American fight.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Bullhorner, the politicians in Kingston and in every municipality are licking their chops and crossing their fingers in hopes that this fight is won by the anti-union pols. You are right, this is an AMERICAN fight to keep a seat that WE EARNED at the bargaining table! Workers unite! This fight is for one and all within every union in the land because all eyes are watching! How it ends in Wisconsin will set the table for the rest of the country in regards to collective bargaining. Stand and be counted, and fight for your families and your way of life, people!