Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Vote - You Stall

The nurses at Benedictine Hospital voted on September 18 BUT the hospital filed an appeal of the decision of the Regional Labor Board - challenging all over again who can vote. The hospital says that the Kingston hospital nurses should vote in this election too. Can I really trust that the hospital (who really wants NO ONE to be in the union) suddenly WANTS to include MORE PEOPLE in the vote - for something other than a selfish reason?

Now the votes can't even be counted, they will not be opened until this great concern of the hospitals is answered in Washington.

This is just a stall tactic to discourage the nurses in regard to the election. It is shameful. This is a legal game of keep away. I wonder how much money the hospital has spent so far fighting their own nurses? Isn't it ridiculous for them to do this to the very workers who touch the people? They hired high priced Lexington Avenue Lawyers to battle our poor nurses - just trying to make a little living.

This is an insult to the nurses who work at that hospital. You may have been told that the union can't do anything for you. If that is really the case, what difference would it make to the hospital if you had a union or not? Looks like enough to spend thousands in legal fees and even PROLONGING the process and paying untold thousands more.....for what? Why?

The nurses there should be proud of themselves for standing as a group. It is a very American thing to do. Many people support you. ..............Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The hospital is making itself look foolish. What are they so afraid of? I hope that when it all shakes out the KIngston Hospital nurses all join in the effort and they ALL are in the nurses union.

Brittany Turner said...

I question Tom Dee's decision to spend exorbitant sums on attorneys and legal fees, especially considering that Benedictine is a not-for-profit hospital. If I was a Benedictine donor, I would certainly question any future gifts.

The result of Dee's ongoing objections is to have the ballots impounded. The decision of New York's Labor Relations Board apparently wasn't good enough. Now the nurses will have to wait for a decision of the National Labor Relations Board, which has a number of open seats and only two members at present (three are required to make any decision). Until an additional seat is filled, the NLRB cannot make a determination, potentially holding the results of this vote for months. It could be a year before the nurses ever know the outcome of their fair, legal election.

It is a travesty that someone who is allegedly concerned about his staff and the community is taking steps that are clearly against the will of the people. Tom Dee is defying the best interest of nurses, elected officials and residents of our area in an effort to force his personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

Thats why Tom Dee gets the big bucks ( about 700,000 of them in 2004 ) Imagine what he makes now?

Anonymous said...

That's what happens in labor
un-friendly Kingston. Alderman Teasel just said he found nothing wrong with Gorsline's build-up time. Over $13,000.00 gone unaccounted for and he sees no problem with that. I wonder would he feel the same way if Gorsline didn't just give his son a job.