Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama - Rebuilding America

President Obama has the overwhelming support of the American people and is doing exactly what he said he would do in his campaign. How refreshing to listen to a President actually talk about the issues that affect America and Americans. All the last president ever talked about were the, and I qoute with a twang, ..."The Iraqi people...".

The biggest joke of all is the anti-crowd - mostly national republicans - howling about "too much spending". It is very interesting and EXTREMELY TELLING that PRIOR to January 20th, they never cared or said a word about spending.

STARTING WITH CLINTONS LEFTOVER BUDGET SURPLUS, they let the deficit climb to a Trillion dollars and never even burped.

This "spending" is for the American people and America itself. I am sure we spend much more each year on donations to other countries.

Why cry and complain about spending now - the one time when we spend it on AMERICA and the very people who supply the money through their taxes, instead of half way across the world or for some undeserving corporation??

The national republicans look stupid and foolish. Almost downright anti-American. Everything is for the party, no matter what the cost to America. Partisan politics at its worst.

Talk about Niro fiddling.


Anonymous said...

The percentage of people that disagree with the Obama agenda today is down to 8%. Coincidentally the people that identified themselves as Republicans unanimously opposed the plan. So the remaining percentage of Republicans in this country is down to 8%?? The 20% figure last fall sparked debate about the extinction of the party and it looks as though the end may be near.

Anonymous said...

First- just as a point of fact I want to point out that there was not a budget surplus under clinton. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors but if you check the US Treasury website you will see that the national debt continued to rise under clinton due to government holdings. Not nearly as bad as under bush however.

The only thing that pisses me off about this is that congress took out the Buy American Clause. What a bunch of crap. I understand not screwing up trade by becoming protectionist. But when you are taking money from hard working americans to to try to stimulate the economy....Spend It on American Goods. Save the foreign trade for normal business.

You have more companies going to Mexico and Obama seems not to be doing anything about it either. So pretty soon there will be no economy to stimulate. We need jobs, not money being spent over seas to buy materials for infrastructure that we won't be able to afford to use.

Anonymous said...

if they keep obstructing everything good for the middle class and pointing blame they will be extinct

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