Monday, February 2, 2009

Ulster County Last Again: No More Excuses For Consumer and Worker Safety

Just a little reality check for those of us in Ulster County - the only Hudson Valley county that does not require electrical contractors to be licensed. It just seems too easy for those who are not exposed to the dangers of electricity to play politics with the idea. If you know those people, pass this video on to them - they need to see it.

Maybe our new County Executive will prod the legislators to finally vote to protect us - like all of our surrounding counties do right now.

Get ready though, you will hear it is a burden on business, a huge cost to each customer and an assortment of other poor excuses, all designed to try to jusify why we don't need to license electrical contractors.

These are the excuses of political hacks, bought and paid for by people with something to hide. Which is probably a lack of knowledge of the electrical business.

It's all about the safety of workers and customers. It's about proper training and responsibility.....and it's about time!

The worst electricians in the Hudson Valley have one place to do business: in the Ulster County Electrical market.

Can you guess who their customers are?

Politicians in each party should support our safety as people and consumers.
Let's see some action.

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