Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Few Thoughts Worth Thinking: Better Duck - Here Comes A Snowball

Kingston city union members better hold onto their wallets and start paying attention to the buzzwords being put forth by Mayor Sottile and the newly, reborn Alderwoman DiBella.

Anybody else noticed how ballzy the anti-union DiBella is getting now that she is a political lame duck?

She has always exuded a certain disrespect for the workers of the city with her crappy attitude but now she is going to make sure nobody can dispute that fact. Make no mistake about it, she will be a willing volunteer to throw the snowballs for Jim Sottile in this upcoming budget season. There will be some layoffs this time, you can feel it.

....And this is just part two in the plan. Part one was to meddle in the CSEA election to weaken the union by helping to remove Troy Ashdown as Vice President. Ashdown was just about the only thing that stood in the way of the Mayor riding rough-shod over the city employees. That cannot be disputed. No disrepect to the current officers there now but lets face it - the Mayor has a free ride now.

DiBella - the snowball thrower - has a nasty disposition when it comes to all unions anyway and she is going to go out swinging. She was quiet for months after plowing into the side of a building after a late night "dinner". They name guardrails after people like her.

This should be a lesson to all of our union political committees out there - the "democrats are ALL for the union workers" theory is a bunch of bullshit. They prove that best in the city of Kingston.

The truth is that LOCALLY, unions should look at the individual candidate - no matter what their party is - any other way is a waste of your molecules.

Another point. Can somebody name even ONE large project that the Mayor has backed where he has insisted that LOCAL WORKERS be hired to build it? Don't strain yourself - there were none. And there will never be. He is afraid to do that.

So when you read about how Sotille is pushing for projects (and he does push certain ones it seems) think of all of the JOB OPPORTUNITIES and job creation he squanders by not caring enough to promote his own local workers who construct buildings and "projects" for a living.

A little sound advice to the Kingston city workers - pay close attention to who is speaking what words. The new union leaders should start rounding up the troops and circling the wagons RIGHT NOW because anyone who reads the papers can see they will be gunning for you guys big time in the next budget. You have some big shoes to fill in regard to holding back the attack.

If you need us, we are there for you.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Bullhorner, you are on the money with your asessment of shithead Sottile and butt ugly hatchet woman Dibella. They are indeed setting the table for layoffs for city emplyees this fall.What is a shame is that there is a reason why Sottile and friends worked to put in place some of these "green" officers and that is he figured he could move in and start chipping away with out Troy as an officer. No worries, Troy is cruisin the political waters like a shark ready to take out some naughty aldermen that have not been so good to labor. Bart is still President so that is a good thing. Having said that,there is still going to be some layoffs,the Democrats have made a mess of things in Kingston,man.

Anonymous said...

He won'ttouch the fire dept

Anonymous said...

Bullhorner, Aldermen Reynolds and Hoffay need to be watched closely by organized labor.Reynolds has made a living on bullshitting the unions during election seasons only to sit up in the bleachers when it comes time to fight for us. Hoffay made some false promises to CSEA last year when he needed some help. Ashdown secured Hoffay with some contribution money and some contrbutions from other sources. Fratto helped Tom out with a BLDG. and Trades endorsement only to witness Alderman Hoffay and Bill Reynolds vote for layoffs without any hesitation during last years City budget vote. We WERE THERE and we saw it. Any unions out there who endorse Tom Hoffay and Bill Reynolds best beware...

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sottile could care less about his employees and any other unions employees for that matter. He has gone out of his way to hurt his workers and also to not cooperate with the other unions and the Democratic controlled council has stood by and watched him do it. What good are these people to us if they wont help.Now is the time to talk to some new faces, since the old faces on that council have spit in ours!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand this council in kingston,these people are democrats yet they dont help the working man in thier community. Its like the place where time stood still when it comes to progress.Maybe its something in the drinking water there!

Tom said...

Because I have always found the Hudson Valley Labor Report to be a fair and reasoned voice for labor, I want to respond to one of the posted comments. I'll speak only for myself and not try and represent anyone else's point of view. The poster speaks about the process in adopting the 2009 Kingston budget. Anyone who attended any of those meetings heard me say over and over again that the goal was "to keep people in their homes and keep people in their jobs" We reduced the Mayor's request by almost $500,000 and the tax increase from over 11% to less than 4%.
We were very concerned about loss of jobs by city workers. Only one full time position was lost and that happened because the Mayor refused to fill the part time position the council created. When Mike Madsen motioned to reinstate the position of trash inspector...I was the one who seconded his motion and the Council approved it. The Council also over rode the Mayor's veto of the adopted budget, nine to zero. Both Troy and Sam Fratto came up afterwards and thanked the Council.
This year I did not seek the endorsement of CSEA for a simple reason. I respect the union and I did not want to make any promises I could not keep. The budget process is going to be much worse than last year's. We don't have all the numbers yet, but the ones we have look very bad. The Mayor has not prepared his budget, so there are no proposals to respond to at this time.
This is what we know, revenues are way down and despite the very fine effort of all the departments to contain costs, (the police department, for example reduced overtime by 50%)the city is facing a huge deficit for next year. I don't know where this will lead, but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment. I didn't feel I could go to CSEA and ask for their endorsement with the uncertainty facing the Council. I respect the union and I respect city workers. I know this answer is unsatisfying to many, but it an honest attempt to make sense out of a situation facing cities all across the country.
The unions respresenting city workers need to be part of the budget process, offering solutions and suggestions. I invite you to help shape the conversation. I have a campaign website and there is a section about the budget. Please post suggestions for either further cuts that can be made...or revenues that we can add.

-Tom Hoffay

Anonymous said...

Reynolds/Hoffay are now courting the unions saying we are labor friendly democrats. Watch for them to lead the charge for lay offs. CSEA backed them big time and they stabbed them in the back. Labor should not trust them one little bit. They say all the right things in interviews but would not seek CSEA's endorsement this year.

Ask yourself this question. If CSEA supported Reynolds in 2007 and Hoffay in 2008, why didn't they come in to interview in 2009?

The same people were in control of political action then that are in control now.

Anonymous said...

Whats up Bullhorner, One of our people is running for office in Kingston,Jennifer Fuentes. I wish her luck, but she needs to consider the company she keeps with the Democratic party in Kingston. This Bill Reynolds is a council member there pushed hard for the renovation of the KIRKLAND HOTEL and did not help at all with the prevailing rate for that job.Thats just one example of the hocus pocus politics of the current politicians in Kingston. Hopefully,Jennifer will not be pushing for some of these guys and will stay loyal to our people on the front lines.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay and Reynolds both have to go they do not support the unions and if you think they do you are all mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hoffay your comments are nothing but bullshit. You went in front of the CLC where there are CSEA members. Did you lie to them to get their endorsement? Are you going to seek the firefighters endorsement? How about the Police?

You came to CSEA in your time of need and they responded very favorable. Your sign was in there window. Was it not? They attended your fund raisers. NOW WHEN TIMES ARE TOUGH YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM. YOU'RE A SCHMUCK.

This is what is wrong with the democrats. When times get tough they turn tail and run. Even if you came in and told the truth about the financial situation of the City and there may be layoffs no one could blame you for telling the truth.

You're no good and I hope Hoyt beats your brains out this November.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom Hoffay,I was there the night of the vote for the 2009 budget, and I saw and HEARD YOU vote YES for the budget that had the code enforcement officer going to part time with no benefits as well as the deputy registrar going down to part time also with no benefits ,and Rec leader being LAYED OFF! You did this without any hesitation and when the vote got down to Alderman Madsen he did the right thing and asked for an ammendment. WE were lucky to have been there to see how you were prepared to hurt working people that have helped you in the past. I commend you if you are not seeking ANY union endorsements this year because you do not deserve any,if you cant commit to the CSEA, the very people that you work with how could you commit to any other union out there?

Tom said...

I guess I was wrong about the blog. I sign my own name and take responsibility for what I said. Mike had no second to reinstate the code enforcement officer. I gave him that second and the Council reinstated those positions. Those are facts.
-Tom Hoffay

bullhorner said...

Just to be clear Tom - the comments aren't from the blog or even the blogger - the HVLR didn't even mention you in the story. However, HVLR will always make sure that you or any other politician can rebut or answer anything any reader posts on here - thats a promise.

We try not to delete any comments if we can help it, unless they are just blatant and obvious bullshit.

If that is the case and one slips by - call it like it is and we will print it for you.

We don't always agree with peoples opinions on here either - believe it - but we do try to keep the forum open.

Anonymous said...

OK people lets not turn this into a snowball fight and exchange words with some alderman in Kingston,he is a politician,need I say more? We all know as union activists that some serious changes need to be made and addressed in Kingston. It is a city where the best interests of the workingman are not properly represented.No one,friend or foe of labor can dispute that.We need to take a deep breath,look at the situation objectively,observe who has helped us in the past, and then do what we have to do.And when I say helped us I mean not in words,but in deeds.I know the boys in Kingston, its thier world and they have helped us in the past.Troy Ashdown has put himself out front for labor in the past and my hats off to him for sure.We need more people to stand up and speak out when injustice is perpetrated on the workers in the municipality as well as the construction trades.Its no secret that politicians have double crossed us before, and sadly,will again.The coucil has had thier problems with thier budget in Kingston for the last couple of years and it looks like layoffs are imminent for our brothers and sisters there. Sometimes that cannot be avoided. The Mayor there is vindictive to his workers and has been a bit of a pig when it comes to giving work to the trades. We will get past this together and remember to keep swinging.

Anonymous said...

We replace a long term DPW chief in Kingston with a replacement crony at a higher pay rate to start - Jimbo - you are helping yourself and hurting the people who do the real work.

Anonymous said...

I heard Jim's son Jamie is working full-time for the City while the Mayor is threatening layoffs of others.