Saturday, August 15, 2009

President Obama Speaks About The Health Care Debate


bullhorner said...

The President is handling this issue the right way. He is a great man and many who are giving him a hard time are just partisans that wouldn't agree if he was handing out icewater to thirsty babies.

Its the Sean Hannity sickness - if he isn't Republican - he and everything he does is bad.

We need all people to have and CONTRIBUTE to our health care system - there are too many who "don't have insurance" but get covered anyway from the money paid in by those that do.

Lets spread the insurance and the cost around fairly.

Anonymous said...

The time has come bullhorner for all of our people to enjoy health care in this country. We are the last Industrial country to not have socialized medicine for our people. That is absurd,I support the President on this issue.

Anonymous said...

There has got to be a better way than socialize medicine. Wont this bring quality of health care down? If government caps wages and other costs why would I want to be a doctor.

Anonymous said...

If this is a good idea than why is Congress exempt. I want their health care.

I work my ass off for my excellent health care plan, and as a result I make less because of it. But I can go to any doctor at any time. Sure my co-pays are a little high but what are you going to do.

You want to sell me on this crap, than each and every member of congress should be the first ones in plan. Obama and all of these people are such great people then they should lead from the front. Sign Ted Kennedy up for the plan and lets see how long he lasts. Then I will sign on.

Till then you can take your socialized medicine and shove it, until six months ago my employer was begging for people to apply and they have been having trouble recruiting for the last several years. So it sounds to me like all of these people were doing just fine. Work hard and you can get your own health care but don't take or tax mine.

bullhorner said...

Your co-pays are high and you make less than you should because you are paying for those who have no insurance while you are out there breaking your ass.

You make the point I want to make - let everyone share in making it work. The ones without health insurance still get health care - they just don't pay because we pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Only the rich will have good health insurance then. Us poor working people will have to pay more for less care.

If I can go to the same doctors that the president and congress go to for nothing then sign me up.

Its a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Bullhorner the only people that are going to lose is the insurance company and drug company,but they have been raping us for along time and then rubbing our backs after they are done and telling us they love us,and we think they are good people because the company gives some of us jobs.BUT WE HAVE TO STOP THE RAPES!!!