Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IBM - Profits Up, Employees Down ( And Out )

IBM laid off hundreds of North American employees Monday - making this a yearly cut for their loyal employees. Remember the OLD IBM? In order to keep the unions out they bragged that they would take care of their workers for life. Family picnics, carnivals and no time clocks helped convince the people that the Original BIG BROTHER would be all that they would need.

And the people fell for it - they didn't think long term.

As of Monday evening, Alliance@IBM, which gathers information from IBM employees, had tallied more than 900 cuts across several divisions and at it's operations in Dutchess County. The total laid off in Dutchess is not clear.

An IBM spokesman, Doug Shelton would not go into details about the cuts but said, "We continually remix our skills and structure to meet the changing needs of our clients."

Very robotic answer Doug.

IBM eliminated more than 1,000 positions in Dutchess and Orange counties in 2009. The company's mid-Hudson payroll is now below 10,000 workers for the first time in a decade.

IBM enjoyed record profits of $13.4 billion in 2009.

Thousands of "IBM" families had their lives ruined.

In the past few years, IBM has repeatedly laid off and fired American Workers and instead increased their hiring of workers outside of the United States.

Another Great American Company screwing American workers for more money, bigger golden parachutes for the executives and higher profits.

Remember kiddies - 3rd World Wage Rates = Huge American Profits.

Chief Financial Officer Mark Loughridge called the layoffs "cost-cutting" and "an ongoing part of our overall business model." Loughridge also said reductions would continue in 2010, but at a slower pace than last year.

IBM Employees - the few that are left - it's time to stop believing the corporate crap and look into ORGANIZING A UNION with the Alliance@IBM group.

It just may be the the beginning of having a future again. Right now, you ALL have nothing to lose. In other words, grow a little pair and stand up for yourselves.

Otherwise, pick out a good stump and go put your neck on it for the next round of "cost cutting".

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Anonymous said...

Great article. But for my family its too late. My husband was one of the 1000 cut in 2009. 26 years and 47 years old with a family. It was bad enough he didnt see a raise in 10 years. The 50k salary he made Im sure made a huge difference for IBM. I know its surely made a huge difference for us. He has been unemployed for a year now with no decent prospects of finding a job. Thank God we never lived beyond our means, but, its getting tough. With this state being as expensive as it is, as much as we like it we may have no choice but find a cheaper place to live. Thats if we can even sell our home. Its really a sad circumstance what greed can do. Not that they care about me or my family. Its now the american nightmare, long gone are the days of the american dream!