Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Need Skiing, a Shower and Haircut

Last night, Ulster County Legislators voted 27-3 in favor of a resolution supporting the proposed Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park a multimillion-dollar resort adjoining Belleayre Mountain Ski Center.

The project that would create hundreds of jobs has been trying to work its way through the system for more than a decade. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

The legislative chambers were overwhelmingly filled with supporters who stood in the chambers and the hallway.

With people either losing jobs or scared of losing their jobs in this flat almost depression-like economy, it was obvious the most people have lost patience with some of the unsatisfiable, wild haired environmentals that have chased away so many business in Ulster County over the last 10 - 20 and and even thirty years or so.

Those people still act as though there are absolutely no regulatory laws or rules protecting the environment from "bad" projects and that THEY ALONE are the saviors of the earth.

In fact, the project is still undergoing review under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and WILL NOT BE BUILT IF IT DOES NOT MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS.

What was evident last night was that quite a few of these "environmental saviors" are devoid of reason and really need a dose of reality, a shower and a haircut and some common sense.

Area workers - both union and non-union - and union representatives all spoke in favor of the development. Don't believe the spin the paper put on it that those who support the project were not residents and those who spoke against it were. Unless you can look in the mirror and say you believe that no Ulster residents need jobs.

Don't forget that when a project like this is built hundreds of ancillary businesses feed off of it. They supply paper, rugs, supplies, do their books, fix the air conditioning, paint, deliver packages, install and fix alarms, deliver lunch, sell produce, get the point.

To answer concerns that were first brought foward in regard to the environment Developer Dean Gitter of Crossroads Ventures LLC scaled down the proposal he first unveiled in 1999. The project now would include two hotels — one a four-star family-style resort, and the other a five-star luxury spa resort — conference facilities, a golf course, some 629 detached lodging units and time-share townhouses.

He has also pledged to make this a "Green Built" project.

Nope - not enough say the saviors. It will never be enough. Just build "trails" they say. Just don't rake any spotted snails up when you do it.

Gitter has said that when completed, the project will generate millions of dollars each year in sales tax revenue to the county in addition to hundreds of full- and part-time jobs.

Here is the bottom line to this:

This project MUST meet all requirements to build. The majority of Ulster Businesses and residents support this project. People are losing their jobs and homes here in Ulster County with no hope for getting new ones. People are leaving this area for a better way of life.

The good part is that at least they are now following their children -who have been leaving Ulster County for decades.

Here's a warning shot to the crazy haired bunch - you aren't going to be steering our ship to the point of crashing anymore. The working people of Ulster County will be adding another impact statement for public review - the ECONOMIC IMPACT STATEMENT- and we are going to insist that test is also seriously considered.


Anonymous said...

"unsatisfiable, wild haired environmentals" & "need a dose of reality, a shower and a haircut and some common sense"

Nice, talk about losing all credibility with one post. Do you think that is constructive? How would you feel if opponents addressed you a greasy haired, satin coat wearing, uneducated idiot?

Of course they wouldn't, they are far too educated to do that.

Anonymous said...

Not being on either side at the present, I can see citizens distrust of regulators in any state or federal agency. There has been so much corruption and "payback" to individuals who are suppose to be safeguarding NYS & federal agencies. It has come to the point that every day people feel the need to protest just to be sure the rules are adherred to in a public forum. I personally would like to see the project go forth just to bring some economic growth but with some trepidation. Can we really trust the people in charge?

Somewhere a healthy balance has to be struck or this area will go down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Bullhorner,I'm happy to see that progress was made last nite at the Legislature! Times are tough, and working people are hurting. This is a good project for Ulster County, a project that will create hundreds of construction jobs as well as a bunch of trickle down revenue that will play a vital role in boosting our local economy! The legislators got this one right for a change. They deserve credit for a resounding yes vote on a project that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Great report. You are 100% correct, the tree hugging crazies have gone too far. I applaud the 27 members of the legislature who voted yea, but if we dont put a licking on the 3 who voted against, then shame on us. And one last thing, where the hell is Hein on all this? If he would get behind this project , and some others, maybe we could raise enough sales and property tax dough , so that s.o.b. wont have to lay off hard working UC workers.

Bullhorner said...

12:26 if those words bother you then you have deeper issues than you are admitting to.

We are standing up for the working people who don't just hike and look for snails from their second or retirement homes. There are actually people who still need to have job opportunities available.

...and as for your opinion of what you consider as credibility - it means nothing.

If you think thats too rough take your earth shoes, your snails, your spotted owls and beat it if you don't like it -

I'm stickin up for the common people - greasy hair, oily skin and all.

Anonymous said...

Im one of the common people out here and im for this project! Its good to have this kind of development in our county. It will blend in nicely in our mountains and create not only construction jobs but workers for the ski lodge. I believe it is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I live up here and I say screw the environment, we need jobs. Who cares about those birkenstock NYC jerks and their preciouse water, that's what this is all about, whining about clean water and trees. Just build a desalination plant down there like the Arabs. And for all you local workers don't worry about not getting paid this time, Gitter won't be building this thing so there won't be any of that being stiffed crap that happened with building the Emerson. It'll be Marriot or something. Gitters just the beard. Who cares? Just start digging and don't stop till all those snails and birds and trees and tree huggers are toast. Ba-Boom!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's right, call those who have an opposing viewpoint names. What about the facts?

Who is actually doing this hiring? Who will actually BE hired? Local unions? NYC Unions? Resort staff: Over 500 "locals"? Yeah, right. How about loads of people from "some where else"? Do you rent your home now? Imagine what your rent increase will be if the area is overwhelmed with strangers?

This is not about trees, a-h. .
It is about air pollution, light pollution, water pollution, traffic pollution and promises made which can never, will never be kept!

It's about taking away business from local businesses-b&b's, motels, restaurants and gift shops!

It's about the economy and the fact that our climate is not what it used to be.

(Sure, we got tons of snow in MARCH when the ski center laid off the majority of it's employees and no snow in November, December and January at the height of the opening season!) I live on Belleayre Mountain, (2750') , so I know what I'm talking about.

If the permits are approved, they'll be sold to the highest bidder and you can bet that a Marriott (or any other resort corporation) will not be held to any of the promises Gitter/Crossroads had made in the past.

This is all about greed and a "legacy" of destroying Highmount Ridge. Go ahead, take your 30 pieces of silver (about 10 cents worth nowadays???) and run with it.

"If it's too good to be true......"

Any area which is in need of an economic boost knows it needs to diversify it's development....this is just too many broken eggs in a fragile. but beautiful basket.

Why not use common sense and only develop the Wildacres concept? Wouldn't that provide "jobs"? How come that isn't ever brought up in your comments? Not satisfied with half a loaf??

Oh, and about the hair??? At least we have some.

MiserableOldFart said...

I am totally opposed to the ridiculous project of the monstrosity on the mountain. It may be all well and good for people to go around calling everyone who doesn't want this abomination built wild names. I am a 35 year dues paying member of my union, a former steward and local officer, but to support an eyesore like this because it makes a few jobs is just plain crazy. Let these big money idiots do some investing in an area that needs revitalization.. oh, but that would be asking them to actually PRODUCE something instead of just raping the countryside!!

Sensible Development said...

Are comments from the "wild haired environmentalists" not published???

Bullhorner said...

you guys crack me up - a ski resort on a mountain - thats a tough one to accept. Love when you "worry" about the jobs too.

Some people still need jobs and are not afraid of every project that comes down the pike - you are all ridiculously funny and amusing to listen to making up stuff as you go along to obstruct any development ever proposed anywhere.

you should all go live in caves someplace

Anonymous said...

Very well done post. 100% correct!
No, 12:26, I don't think so. It's enough to be right--you can leave the bashing of the supposedly or actually "uneducated" or "undereducated" to the Catholic church, which has always gladly accepted this role.

MiserableOldFart said...

I'ts not a ski resort. There is already a ski resort on the mountain. A golf course on a mountain (and the idea of an 'organic golf course' is patently absurd, ask anyone involved with golf course turf and its management.) is an environmental catastrophe.

This project is just a case of big money getting whatever it wants, whereever it wants, and whenever it wants.

And who the hell is "making things up as they go along?" Sounds more like the 'develop at any cost crowd' and their dumb 'ideas.'