Thursday, August 5, 2010

There's Organizing Going On In The Hudson Valley

Contractors and manufacturing employees are contacting union offices more than they have in a decade. With job security at such a low point people are not as concerned as they were about attempting to form a union. And with no job security to offer on the other end, the contractors are looking for a ready made workforce that can be ready at the drop of a hat and that they can discard just as fast.

Even though many companies do not want their workforce to have a union, it gives the workers power, there is nothing wrong or illegal about wanting a union or joining a union. In fact, it is an American right that is guaranteed by Federal Law. Did you know that the policy of the United States has written into it that the policy of the United States of America is to ENCOURAGE collective bargaining?
There are more than a couple of major organizing campaigns going on in the Hudson Valley this summer.. The union involved doesn't want to go public but said that we can mention to the people that there is movement in the movement. I hear there are more to come. That is good news. People are much better off working under a contract than without. Fair contracts work, Fair to both parties. Then it always will work and you can work together as partners.

When we can we will give some more info. It will have to go public soon just by word of mouth.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Bullhorner, I too am hearing good things about some union organizing going on locally. It is the best thing that could happen for workers in Hudson Valley, belonging to a union is a relief.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should organize the CSEA for the County workers! If that is an example of what to expect once organized, you have your work cut out for you.

Anonymous said...

The bad press that unions get is that they just take from a company, when in reality a contract is reached with an agreement between both sides.And like you said it protects the worker and it also protects the employer. I believe it is UN-AMERICAN to treat the work force the way some of these companies treat their employees just to make a huge profit.If they want to move their business outside the United States for a cheaper workforce,than they should have to sell their products over their or pay a penalty to sell the products in the United States without passing the costs on to the American consumers.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly,10:55!! Cuoldnt have said it better my self.