Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kingston Nurses Looking To Unionize

The Registered Nurses at Kingston Hospital want union representation!

They have asked the New York State Nurses Association to file a petition for election with the National Labor Relations Board. The union also represents RNs at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie.

The Nurses Association represents the registered nurses at Benedictine Hospital. They have helped the nurses with such issues as health care benefits, binding arbitration to resolve grievances, and negotiated layoff and seniority provisions.

Union elections are up in the area with union wins increasing at a rapid pace.

In this time of uncertainty, workers are beginning to realiize that without a written contract, nothing "they have" with the employer has any legal standing. To ensure that workers keep what they have they can seek out union representation and negotiate for a written contract in their workplace.

Good luck Kingston Hospital Registered Nurses!


Anonymous said...

As a semi retired nurse who no longer works in a hospital setting I go NURSES!! There is no protection for you without a union. The Docs and administrators on staff get most of the benefits and nurses get what is left over. No more! I happen to work with a great boss who is a Doctor but we are in an office setting. This was one of the reasons I left hospital based nursing. The hospital can switch your stations, hours and etc. on a whim and you have no recourse with this new Health Alliance/Quest.

Anonymous said...

I am wishing the Kingston nurses best of wishes and I am rooting for them!

Anonymous said...

This is great for them but the fact that it is being made out to be a big deal stinks.It's as if being protected is a bad thing and that's all a union does for people is protect them and their employer.They are not making it sound as if car insurance,home owners insurance,police protection,fire protection etc.. is bad.So the fact that people make it seam as if being in a union is bad - "STINKS".