Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harlan County USA - A Documentary

This is a documentary about the mine strikes of Harlan County, Kentucky in 1973 where the laborers and miners of Harlan took on the mine owner, Duke Power, and his henchmen and formulated a strike with a move to form a union.
It isn't easy to find but it is sure an eye opener because every bit of it is real. This is a story of people REALLY FIGHTING for their jobs.

If you can find it, watch it - you will never forget it.

If you can't find it - and things keep going the way they are -

you don't have to worry, you'll just live it.

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Jen said...

Which Side Are You On?
by Florence Reese

Come all of you good workers
Good news to you I'll tell
Of how that good old union
Has come in here to dwell

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

My daddy was a miner
And I'm a miner's son
And I'll stick with the union
Till every battle's won

They say in Harlan County
There are no neutrals there
You'll either be a union man
Or a thug for J.H. Blair

Oh, workers can you stand it?
Oh, tell me how you can
Will you be a lousy scab
Or will you be a man?

Don't scab for the bosses
Don't listen to their lies
Us poor folks haven't got a chance
Unless we organize