Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trust Us , Trust Us

Some of these "Corporations Gone Wild" in the global market would sell your grandmother for firewood if they could.

"American" company? Most couldn't care less about that. They have allegiance only to profit. If closing whole towns up and moving out of the country can turn another dollar - they are gone.

A large part of this is based on wage exploitation. A person in a foriegn country can work for under $10 dollars a day. Can you do that here in America? Can you do that in the Hudson Valley? Not at under $50.00 a week. Are you then a "greedy worker"? Do you make too much money? I don't think so.

The well being of American workers is not even on the corporate fact, it has been off the table for generations. Morals and ethics have been replaced with greed.

The good news is that American workers are beginning to organize

More and more companies are being exposed as questionable and greedy. Selling out whole industries in America is of no consequence to these people. They have no shame either. Cutting American jobs and then moving those same jobs to India or some other country.

With a contract there are written procedures that are followed in regard to employment issues and situations, such as pertains to hours, wages, working conditions and rules. Those procedures are established together for the good of both the company and the employees.
Oh wait, they are called associates now - not employees. Employees could attempt to organize, associates are just "associated" with the company on a one on one basis.
Working people need to stop believing corporations who say there is no need for a CONTRACT or a union.
What other major component of your financial survival should you not have reduced to writing and signed by the person you are doing business with?

Just like other companies out there - large and small- IBM still has written contracts for every single thing it buys - except for IBM"ers".

Great business move though - fooled almost two generations - first cut the retirement and now your job goes to India. Nice. The corporation convinced those working Americans into believing that banding together was a bad idea. This layoff is the payoff to the company for doing a good job at that.

In the past locally, some American workers even had to suffer the indignity of teaching their foreign replacement their job.

Soon Americans will be organizing for survival. Some may dispute that but it is true. When corporate misbehaviour effects blue collar and white collar workers and people start to see the entire working class being moved off shore - THEY WILL BAND TOGETHER WITH THEIR NEIGHBOR.

Just like they would at a neighborhood brush fire.

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