Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Free Style

President Obama has the full attention of the corporate giants in regard to his feelings toward American middleclass workers. The money and bullshit are flowing heavy out there against the Employee Free Choice Act. The CEO of Home Depot has called the passage of the law that would make it easier for American workers to organize into unions, "the end of the world as we know it".

Makes me wonder if that is a good thing or bad thing - if you accept their version of what the world should look like.

There is definitely a lot of arm twisting out there. Many moves are being made with eyes looking way into the future. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats. Fed Ex has threatened to cancel orders with Boeing if labor laws are eased to protect workers!

The Employee Free Choice Act must be a great and effective law for the benefit of the middle class American worker.

That is the only explanation for the panic and millions of dollars being spent by big business on an anti-union, anti-worker and deliberate misinformation campaign against a law that is good for American workers.

Look for some real battles in regard to's gonna be a HOT SUMMER!

Did you see that IBM was going to actually patent the best system to use to offshore your American jobs, get rid of the American workers, save all kinds of money and STILL QUALIFY for public funding? They said soon after that it was an error on their part to apply for the patent. oh. I believe that.

Very conservatively, if rent costs $1000., Electric $200, Heat $100, Food $800, Car insurance $200, Car payment $250 and Gas $200 - all per month - and you made $18 per hour and worked forty hours - and paid even just $100 dollars in Federal and State taxes - you would net $620 dollars a week or $2480 per month to pay the $2750 in bills listed here.

SO, what is a good job? What is a good wage?

....And before you start feeling sorry for the upper 2% that are going to be asked to pay an increased tax rate on their income...........
.....their rate is going to increase by only 1-2% more. If you want to feel sorry for anybody, feel sorry for the average people who pay on every dollar they make and can't hide the lions share in some shelter.

I hear there are more than a few electricians who are nervous about Orange and Dutchess requiring their electricians to be licensed who are getting ready to set up shop in Ulster because you can "get away" with more there. What do you think they mean by that?

Hey! Does that count as attracting jobs?

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