Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Economy and Bailouts? Don't Blame The Unions!

Every working person - union and non-union should watch this and pass it on.

It's about time that the line of crap that comes out of the rich mouths of management and those bought and paid for by them are exposed for what they are - bullshitters.

Bullshitters that attempt to brainwash working people to agree that having any type of standard of living in the workplace is wrong and bad. That kind of thinking and the effectiveness of those bullshit words on the middleclass mind is about to come to a quick end. Almost too late for some.

Just ask the IBM retirees across the country who trusted that IBM would "take care of them" as long as they didn't unionize. They are now openly questioning "Big Blues" intention for backing legislation to withdraw promised pension benefits - all while they are experiencing huge profits! IBM gave those employees everything they ever wanted except one thing - A CONTRACT!

Without that, they can give and they can take from you
"at-will" because without a contract in the United States you are referred to as an "at will Employee". Read your blessed company policy - last page.

That means they can screw you "at will" - even years later.

"There is an old saying - I pay my union dues now - you will pay your non-union dues later"


Anonymous said...

The time for bullshit has indeed passed. The middleclass is almost gone and now that we have almost hit bottom people are going to start appreciating and joining the unions again. That corporate mentality almost killed us.

Anonymous said...

Corporate greed, and not unions are to blame and that video proves it. I wondered why the banks weren't screaming about there union workforce benefits bankrupting them.

Anonymous said...

We are reliving history. The working people are going to realize that to band together and form or join unions is the only way to advance. When the people did that in the past they finally were able to make a living and equalize the corporate muscle.

Like the man says, the time for bullshit has indeed passed.

Anonymous said...

We have our own problems here in Kingston and its not the unions fault.
The council wants the unions to help them save money by changing there Health Insurnce or contributing more to the plan.

How can you ask the unions to give more when Gorsline and the Mayor are robbing us blind.

Rich Cahill FOIL's the DPW's purchasing records and all of a sudden they do not exist.

If I were a union leader in Kingston I would not sit down with the council until they get to the bottom of PENGATE. Rumors are now circulating that everyone on Gorslines X-Mas list got a pen.

The Council has to take action now or answer questions during there campaing this spring.

Anonymous said...

exactly right the american workers are hitting bottom and they will organize to survive