Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real News Exposes A Very Real Agenda

What goes on behind the scenes in Washington is very interesting. Most Americans have no idea about what some in Congress are doing as the water boys for BIG BUSINESS.
Coming soon to a government near you - a lengthy time period where it's not going to fly anymore.

In this coming decade, American workers will be joining UNIONS and banding together in record numbers to preserve the American Middle class way of life. Soon, the CORPORATE THUGS and their high priced labor avoidance partners will be neutralized by the Employee Free Choice Act!

No longer will unfair employers be able to break the law at will in order to hold their employees back from organizing.

The American people achieved every single right and liberty they cherish by joining together. To stand in the way of that,especially in regard to how they support their families, is absolutely un-American.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks hudson valley labor report for showing us things we probably wouldn't get a chance to see anywhere else. This blog is a must for all working people in this area. Keep up the good work through 2009 and beyond we need you!