Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gee, But My Boss Says Having A Union Can't Help Us! Still Another Reason To Pass The Employee Free Choice Act!

Here is an interesting fact. When faced with an organizing campaign -most companies will tell their employees that unions can't do anything for them. If having a Union couldn't help the workers, why would a company spend money to stop the people from having one???

Because UNIONS improve the people's standards - that's why - and it's worth the thousands of dollars that it costs them to stop their own people from improving themselves.

Here is a sample of what is available for them to buy to hold their employees down......this is BIG BUSINESS at its best!

Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free© Video Series

Your company wants to remain union free and your front line is made up of supervisors. They interact with employees daily, they represent the company to employees, and they are your most effective communication tool. Yet, when you need them most, when a union organizer comes calling... are they ready?

Your supervisors need to understand unions, union organizers and the issues surrounding a union organizing drive. It's essential if your supervisors are going to help maintain your company's union-free status. "Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free," is the most comprehensive video series on the subject available today, and has been updated and improved to offer you an unsurpassed supervisory training tool.

The "Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free" training series consists of 5 programs and a training manual and can be purchased as a package or individually:

#1 - "Unions: How they Affect Supervisors, Companies and Employees"
When they find out how much a union can disrupt their work life, supervisors become willing, passionate participants in the union-avoidance campaign. This video lays the groundwork for the series, and gives the audience a taste of life under a union contract.

#2 - "Making Unions Unnecessary" The best way to win a union campaign is never to have one in the first place. This video shows your supervisors how good, basic management skills can keep a union from ever getting a foot in your company's door.

#3 - "How To Stop Cardsigning"
Once the organizer shows up, your supervisors need to move quickly and confidently to stop the union's momentum.

#4 - "The Union Campaign: Communicating To Employees" The winner in a union campaign is usually the side that does the best job of communicating to the employees. This video shows your supervisors what they can't do or say...but more importantly, it shows them what they CAN and MUST do and say to beat the union.

#5 -"Getting 'NO' Votes"
An NLRB election date is scheduled, and the union activity increases. In this video, your supervisors see and hear what to expect, how to counter the union, how to promote the company...and how to eventually win the election.

The Trainer's Manual

"Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free" is supported by a Trainer's Manual that helps the discussion leader reinforce the lessons and information provided on the videos. The Manual provides materials that can be used in the discussion sessions, and makes specific recommendations for achieving maximum results. The Manual's "user-friendly" design facilitates additional learning through interactive discussion points, handouts, role-play exercises and much more. Get A Free Sample

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Anonymous said...

What they fail to realize is that it is not a vote between liking the union or liking the company. It is a vote to have a union.

It is the same thing that the boss does when he joins the Chamber of Commerce, which is the business "union".