Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Air : Air Heads Tracking Wrong Employees

Hudson Valley Labor Report has a hot one for ya. It seems that a woman who works for the City of Kingston had a deflated tire and pulled in to the DPW garage to use the air machine.
The machine by the way dispenses free air.
I want to know what man on this earth would not want a woman with a deflated tire to be able to get air in it? Would you please show your face?

We have been told that the Mayor of Kingston got wind of this and called in the City Detectives to investigate it! Can you believe it?

I wonder if he let them borrow the $60 dollar pen to write out the report.

The disturbing part is that this particular woman who put the free air into her tire is also involved in the harassment suit against the city.

I am sure her attorney is using his $90 pen to add this to his briefs in that lawsuit right about now.

Does anyone see a continuing pattern here? Other women who also were involved in the harassment suit were mysteriously on the job chopping block in the Mayors version of the 2009 budget.

With all of the anti-employee behavior and rhetoric coming from city government lately you would have to begin to think that maybe Barney Fife has been advising the Mayor.


Jeremiah said...

The city should give up while they are ahead.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? With all the shootings in Kingston this Mayor is sending a detective to investigate fee air. Floyd the barber must have whispered in his ear while he was getting his FREE HAIRCUT at C&C in the Mall. With all the barbers in Kingston this guy goes to the Town of Ulster for his FREE HAIRCUT.

Anonymous said...

$14,000.00 stolen by gorsline, $65.00 pens stolen by gorsline, and the Mayor calls the police on someone getting free air.

Anonymous said...

Did Goober give out free air again.

Anonymous said...

bullhorner,there clearly is a pattern here ,lawyer susssman must be licking his chops right about now.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know people will be throwing drinks in womens faces in downtown bars!

Oh yea, Otis the Mayor already did that one.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem Jeremiah the city is not ahead, they are light years behind. The Mayor can not control his department heads, and the council cannot control the Mayor.

Do women have the right to vote yet in Kingston?

How about flush toilets?

Anonymous said...

I can hear it know.'I don't agree with the judges decision, but we have to pay the judgement". This will be pig Mayor explaining to the tax payers why his fund balance is completely empty because of his vindictive behavior.

Anonymous said...

As a woman, I am very disgusted with the treatment that these women have had at the hands of the men in charge of this city and its departments. It is blatant disrespect and downright childish. Thank you Hudson Valley Labor report for reporting on this and every other issue that you have reported on thus far. We need and support you!

There are more and more people out there who are discovering your blog and support your defense of all working people, including working women who sometimes feel they have no where else to turn.

We are not alone and thank you so much for that.

Long live Hudson Valley Labor Report! Everyone should pass this blog along to everyone they know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 9:46pm, plus it is a great avenue to expose the anti-worker and yes, anti-union politicians poluting our county.

One thing we do have enough of around here is hot air. Lord knows that is FREE.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who the detective was that talked with Gorsline? We know who it was that asked about the free air. Wheres Barney? Why is this still going on? Why is the Mayor allowed to go after employees now? This is what he is doing. He is walking in FEAR. Fear is when you can not talk with people, look at them, and have to get other people to do your dirty work. Free air does anyone see this for what it really is. You have one person stealing outright and the other getting free air. The Mayor thinks he owns the air and the tanks, NO MR MAYOR THIS ALL BELONGS TO THE TAXPAYERS NOT YOU!!!!!! tHE EMPLOYEE DID NOT STEAL, BUT GORSLINE WELL CALL THE POLICE ON THAT!!! Why not call the police on the drug houses in Midtown, why not do that. Call on yourself since your such a goody, goody. Your want to raise taxes to cover your mistakes. This brings the question what does the detective think about someone taking air? GOOD JOKE

Anonymous said...

Maybe Andy needs to let Otis sleep it off for awhile at the sheriffs office.