Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Guidelines Established For IDA Financing

The Industrial Develepment Agency has FINALLY decided to focus on not only financially assisting businesses but demanding that those who ask for help from the county - actually create good jobs for local people in return.

There has been a puzzling tug of war taking place concerning the melding of the need to attract business and the need to create good jobs for the people of this county.

For years, the IDA gave away the store and created nothing for the poor slobs in the county looking for a decent job. How frustrating it was to see millions of dollars given to needy millionaire businessmen that created no jobs.

But those days are over! By a seven to zero vote the IDA has established new rules for businesses asking for public assistance.

Here is a brief outline of the details:

Any business who accepts IDA financing must create local jobs during the construction phase and then hire local people for their permanent jobs.

All construction workers WILL be paid the NYS Prevailing wage for the area in order to ensure that local construction businesses who pay their local employees good wages are not undercut by transient workers and businesses from out of the area.

All permanent jobs WILL include a health plan and a $12 minimum wage.

There will be a post-project employment report sent back to the IDA that will show that the employment provisions of the contract with the IDA were and are being complied with.

IDA Board members will have access to every project at any time to conduct worker interviews for compliance.

Businesses not willing to comply with these procedures will be DENIED financial assistance.

Businesses willing to comply with these procedures will be financially assisted with much higher levels of compensation than were previously allowed.

The IDA Board has looked back into their history and found that they have wasted many opportunities and given too much to those who gave little or nothing back.

The new system will distribute more financial assistance to those who truly want to partner with the county. By cutting out those businesses who only want to feed themselves at the public trough and give nothing in return, they FREE UP MONEY TO ASSIST THOSE BUSINESSES THAT REALLY DESERVE THE HELP.

Congratulations to the IDA board and its members for finally thinking with the best interest of businesses and working people in mind and recognizing that their prior blind eye to the extreme lack of job creation was an awful mistake.

With almost 10 percent unemployment and almost nothing to show for years and years of just "giving the money away", this is a real breath of fresh air and a long overdue and very smart position to take from this point foward.

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