Monday, January 26, 2009

Labor History: The Song Remains The Same

This particular event occurred 41 years ago. It is really amazing that even with all of the time that has passed - the struggle of workers to form unions, to be recognized, to make a fair wage and to be treated with dignity - continues on today.

No one GIVES the working man and woman anything, they must gain and earn every right by speaking out and up for those rights that they desire. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

All of the unpleasant parts, for people on both sides, could have been then and can be now - avoided - if both sides would respect the other and work together.

It is a suprise to some people that when Martin Luther King was shot, he was in town to support the sanitation workers in Memphis.

The Employee Free Choice Act will make situations like this one and thousands of others cease to exist. Those Sanatation workers should have had their union long before they got it. Denying American workers the right to organize was and still is just wrong.

Pass the Employee Free Choice Act


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Today- Jan 27, the American Cancer Relay for Life will pass the torch to a new Grand Marshall- I hope that members of the Labor group will again participate in this years relay- for additional information- contact Tina Eckert- Director 845-331-8303 x 14
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