Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unions Help All People And Improve Lives!

If you are in a union, you know that working under a contract,(as every professional person with half a brain insists on doing also), is the absolute smartest move you can make.
No business person does anything with another business person or customer without a contract - stating what will be done and what will be paid for that action.

To work everyday without a contract is a very chancy situation. You are in what is called an "at-will" arrangement and are an "at-will" worker. Sounds logical on the surface. Another one of those cleverly worded political phrases.

At-Will means just that, at will. Your whole career, your pay, your benefits, your hours of work your lifestyle and your life can be changed AT WILL by another person at ANY TIME. No explanation needed. And you have absolutely nothing to say about how any of it is going to work.

With a contract, that same situation requires discussion and reason and fairness.

Who in the heck would want that? Huh?

If you know someone who needs a contract or if you do yourself - make that point on this blog and the first steps will be taken to make that happen.

You can have a union where you work right now and soon, with the Employee Free Choice Act - it will be easier than ever to join or form a union at your workplace.


Anonymous said...

I know a company thats needs a union to come in and help the workers. It Gateway, its location in 1 amy court dr, kingston, ny. The employees really need to get some help. They have many houses and the main business office is at the address above. I know that UARC and other no-profits have unions. I hope you check it out.

bullhorner said...

Please email me at we will check it out. Strictly and absolutely 100% confidential.

Anonymous said...

Bullhorner I bet the CEO'S of Bene& Kingston hospitals wish they were apart of a union now that they were tossed out on their butts.Unions really are worth the dues we pay.Happy New Year and keep up the fight...

Anonymous said...

Will you get off the unions for EVERYBODY bit. It is not the end all answer. A company in financial ruin with unionized employees have 2 choices. Borrow more or lock the doors. I'd rather work for an employer who has more choices than an all or nothing choice. Sorry, I guess I do care about myself.

bullhorner said...

The good thing is that in America - you retain your right to be an asshole and profess it profusely - and you do it quite well. You must be the one who says a family of four could live on $10 dollars an

Anonymous said...

I am damn glad I have my union standing behind me. When times get tough I know I have a fighting chance. I have been a union member for 12 years now and know when times get tough, as is the case right now, that I have a job and the boss's son gets laid off because I have more senority than he does.
I keep all my benefits and health insurance, because of my UNION.

Anonymous said...

12:47 Please explain to me what other option a financial ruined company has that is good for the employee.

We'll take away your health insurance and cut your wages by 10% for starters. Then we will take all your vacation time away and you can work Saturdays and Sundays for nothing.

It's idiots like you who think these CEO's are nice people just because they give you a paycheck, then they take millions off the top.

Come into the real world.

Anonymous said...

A company in financial ruin will still be in that same situation but the employee WITH A CONTRACT will have a little input on how things will proceed - either to save the company or to part ways - but they will BE INCLUDED IN THE PLAN.

Whats wrong with that?

Jerks like 12:47 think employees are like part of the furniture or better yet slaves. Funny he's home at 12:47 criticizing union workers.

Yur right Bullhorner - an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I agree 12:47 is an as-hole. Take my benefits, cut my salary, just let me continue to work at a wage that I can't affor to live on.
What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

I'm a jerk or an asshole because I don't believe that unions are the end all answer, or that unions can solve everything? Some of you really need to grow up, and attempt a rational exchange of ideas. I don't damn unions, I never say anything which could be considered malicious. But for some reason, you guys just can't help yourselves.

How does the union help the guy with 2 years senority when he his up against the guy with 12?

If I were among the lower 20% senority line, and had a choice of wage and benefits cut, or losing my jobs, I know my choice. But the guys with senority would rather the younger guys get cut than lose some benefits, yes? Now there is a collective looking out for EVERYBODY.

When someone decides to go to work for a company without a union contract, that is their decision. I know full well, my company owes me NOTHING. I know full well, when economic hard times falls on my company, many of the perks I ENJOY (as opposed to entitled to) during the good times, may not be available. And if the environment gets bad enough, I can leave for a new job. There are good times, there are bad times. Only in America, do we think there should be no such thing as bad times.

Anonymous said...

11:47am asks "How does the union help the guy with 2 years senority when he his up against the guy with 12?"

Someone with 12 years with a company has much more invested than a 2 year person. That goes along the lines of "earning" what you get. Someday, the 2 year man will be the 12 year man...understand it now?

or better yet.....lets get rid of all of the old guys who have dedicated their lives to us.....fairer system? comeon your smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

7:09, that is called buy out options, which are generally offered to those at the company longest, who are getting the higher salaries.

Anonymous said...

yea sometimes maybe - but most times its just - get out - not buyout. So that makes seniority matter.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right 8:51. BTW, thanks for having civility. I think the bottom line is, one has to research or determine if they want to work for a specific employer. A small no name company might offer a significantly higher salary, but you won't know if that job will be there in 6 months. A company like IBM may pay less, but you know you have some security, and you know they have offered early buy outs in the past, and will likely continue this practice. There are pros and cons to EVERYTHING. If you can live with that, then we can agree. :)