Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Labor Movement and The Civil Rights Movement

A labor law professor that I once had pointed out the vast similarities of the labor movement and the civil rights movement. Both exist for the good of the people. Both go through struggle to advance. Both meet with resistance. Both must remain non-violent. Both are ridiculed. Both work against great odds. Both gain strength by unifying and organizing. Both are treated unfairly. Both must do their work in public, and involve the public. Both have enemies who, no matter what, will always be enemies. But both also have the power of the people. And both have the ability to facilitate change.

Then he showed us this speech.
How many people do you know that could do what Martin Luther King did?
You have the utmost respect for him. He educated and organized the masses of people into one, speaking with one voice.

And he changed the world.

In unity, there is strength.


Anonymous said...

Great comparison!

Anonymous said...

The labor movement always has been a movement for all of the people. The civil rights moveent was also known as an advocate of labor.