Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Happens More Than You Would Ever Believe! (Among Other Bad Things)

There are many people that work in environments like this one. Sometimes in order for that to change,it takes just one person to finally say, "That's enough!" but most will agree it is very chancy to do that.

Even with all of the "protective" laws we have in 2009, if a situation was unsafe or unfair, it is still very chancy to speak out in a non-union workplace. And that is a fact.

Some will say, "well, that person can leave! He doesn't have to work there." That is a true statement - but another true statement is that if a person wants to work there - and is willing to work hard for their money - then they deserve a safe and fair place to work, just like the employer deserves their hard work.

If that's wrong, I'm on the other team.

We need the Employee Free Choice Act to be passed so that workers can more freely organize themselves into unions. Some think of that as threatening or disloyal. It is a mistake to think that. Another mistake is thinking that when the people speak as a group in a union it's automatically adversarial. When both sides are fair- everybody wins.

If that's wrong, I'm on the other team.

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Anonymous said...

im on the same team as you the one that says we need good paying jobs and less bs