Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Peoples President Speaks About The Employee Free Choice Act

Here is the first President in a long time that hasn't had an ax to grind with his own middle class people. He is the type of President who will ENHANCE the way the working people are treated in this country.

He thinks that workers are better off when they organize into a union. And like he says himself, he is a President that "isn't afraid to say the word union."

The last President wasn't afraid to say the word union either- it's just the fact that whenever he did say something - IT WAS AGAINST UNIONS AND THE PEOPLE IN THEM.

Some Sean Hannity-esque detractors question the great excitement and enthusiasm that is overtly evident out in the general public. It puzzles them. They even mock it.

The reasons for all of the excitement are varied but they have one very important and common component: they each relate to his genuine concern with something that the American people need addressed. That is the change if you haven't caught on yet - he cares about us, the Americans.


Employee Free Choice Act Now . ORG said...

Employee Free Choice Now . Org
Educating The World on The EFCA.

Myth vs. Reality: The REALITY is the Employee Free Choice Act Helps American Workers and their Families.

Despite the need for reform, critics of EFCA continue to misinform the public about the bill and hide the serious shortcomings of current labor law. Democrats are committed to setting the record straight and passing this important legislation on behalf of American workers and their families.

MYTH: EFCA will prevent the use of secret-ballot elections.

REALITY: EFCA does not strip workers of their right to choose a secret-ballot election to decide whether to select -- or not to select -- a union representative. EFCA simply gives workers the additional option of selecting a union representative by majority sign-up.

For More Information on EFCA please visit our website and blog


Anonymous said...

I know one thing, the system we have leaves too much leeway to the employer to break the law and discriminate aginst those employees that support unions.

Anonymous said...

Job or no job: Many companies are marginally profitable. The company expands to me the demand and hire employees at the most comptative rate. Generally, entering a market served by large corporations but still able to find a niche market via price due to their lower overhead & employee cost. Sometimes (1 in 10,000 at best) these companies develop into the fortune 500 company they originally preyed upon. The vast majority of companies squeek by with marginal profits (5-10%) and life goes on. Now unionize these companies and they are gone. The unionization is a "barrier to entry". These small businsses would not ne able to offer goods & services for less than the "big boys" and therefore not be able to develop a niche market.

Unions have their place, small business has it's place. Each adds jobs, some better than others. A minimum wage job or a $10.00 an hour job has it's place in the job market and should be respected just as a $48.00 union job with benefits. All jobs are good jobs.

bullhorner said...

So if more employees offer to work for low wages, no health care, no retirement and absolutely no standard of living to speak of - or just accept that it as the way it has to be - everything will be fine..... I see how it works now