Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Perfect Example: We Need Unions And The EFCA

The brainwashed, the ignorant, the corporate hacks and Fox news cool aid drinkers are in for a suprise. This NEEDS to change and it is going to change.

Maybe Walmart, like the rest of the companies who are against the EFCA are really just worried about the workers having the right to a secret ballot election.
Yea, and they truly care about their "associates".

It looks more and more like the time for bullshit has passed.


Anonymous said...

EFCA will allow employees a risk free vote. No longer will employers be able to fire workers for speaking out about the unfairness on the job.

Anonymous said...

Why does business have to look at bargaining with all of the workers as a group as something bad?

It is really ridiculous if you think about it. What are they REALLY afraid of?

Anonymous said...

The generation coming up isnt going to stand for being treated like shit at work and being paid the same way.

Corporate greed is what is ruining the country.

Time to stop it.

Anonymous said...

I work in ulster county, I won't say where but as soon as the law changes and makes it "safe" we are going to organize a union where we work. i cant wait and niether can all of the other people here

Anonymous said...

Damn right!!! The Wal-Mart employees deserve the right to vote whether or not they wish to organinize.

The same way the City of Kingston CSEA members deserve the chance to cast a ballot to elect their leadership!!!

Oh that's right, the chance for dues paying CSEA union members in Kingston to cast a ballot was denied by a technicality

bullhorner said...

The technicality was that those who wished to run the union, filled out their form wrong. It was really they themselves who took away the chance for a vote. They always had the right to run, but they wrote in the wrong office. How do you do that??

Any election, union or public, has a strict set of guidelines that always includes specifying the office you wish to run for.

Run for Senator and check Councilman and you are not going to be Senator.

I gave a lot of space to this subject when it happened. Man up
( or woman up ), fill the forms out right and get em next time.

I am not going to print anymore on that subject unless the CSEA in Albany somehow lets the ones that wrote the wrong office in to change their minds after the election deadline - which I do not see happening.

Spend your time trying to make your union better. Go to the meetings when they have them and volunteer to help.

You don't have to be in charge to help the cause along. Trying to stir up a controversy against the candidates whose crime is that they filled the forms out correctly is unfair.

It's kinda sour grapes at this point and makes me wonder if the person still writing about it is only an anti-CSEA hack from management sent in here to try to make the union look bad. That's it on that subject.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of money being poured in by businesses to stop the EFCA. Even if we don't get that exact law, we need some form of it to give the workers a fair shot at organizing if they want to.

Anonymous said...

6:54 p.m.: it's too bad that you were denied your right to vote based on a technicality. But look at the bigger picture: if these people couldn't fill out a form correctly, how effective would they be as leaders? Would they be able to file a grievance correctly? Are they intelligent enough to read the contract when it came time for negotiations? They just don't seem as if they were very bright - you can't have stupid people at the helm. That's far too dangerous for the rank and file (but perfect for management). Bullhorner is right: get involved, go to the meetings - make your union better.

As far as Walmart goes, I won't shop there. They're anti-union, anti-women, anti-employee. They have had tons of lawsuits against them (and lost them) for making employees work during their breaks, etc. But, a friend of mine's daughter was hired by them (as a teenager, not a career) and during her first day of orientation, they showed a film about how bad unions were. They're very afraid of unions, because that would mean they'd have to treat their employees with respect.