Friday, April 24, 2009

Let The Games Begin

The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce is holding a seminar today for its members about the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act allows WORKERS TO CHOOSE to join labor unions by a secret ballot election OR if a majority of those same workers sign a petition or cards telling the employer that they want a union - they would get it instantly, right then - without waiting sometimes months to have an election.

It is common knowledge that the month delay is very important to employers who plan on breaking Federal Laws to stop a union election.

That is what spawned the URGENT need for the Employee Free Choice Act.

What is the difference to an employer if a majority of workers who want a union hand them cards stating that fact or if a majority of workers tell them that a month later in an election?

The answer is simple - it doubles the opportunity for those workers to join the union......and da boss man doan like that.

The Chamber says: "This educational session will provide information about union-organizing rules, the proposed changes and a practical approach for business owners to prepare for this possible change".

Translation; We are meeting to help businesses plot on how to take away American workers rights and how to lobby against those rights.

This law isn't about the "unions", it is about the "workers".


Don't they realize that all subjects in negotiations must be agreed upon by both the employees and the business owner?

Why would a fair business man not want to put the terms and conditions
(whatever they may be) in writing?

They actually put it writing right now - it's called the "Employee Handbook".

Take yours out and read the last few paragraphs where it will say "THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT" and that the employer can "UNILATERALLY CHANGE" anything in it WITHOUT ANY NOTICE TO THE EMPLOYEES.

That's real fair.

Here's why - the employer does not have to listen to any employee concerns at all without a union in place. They like it like that - and it's ok that they like it.

Who wouldn't like making all the rules without question - no matter how unfair those rules may be?

But, here in America - working people HAVE THE RIGHT to adjust that situation a little by bargaining with the employer as a group.

Why all the histeria about that?

Businesses sign contracts and NEGOTIATE for every single thing they buy. They sign contracts and NEGOTIATE over the cost of every single thing they sell.

Their employees want to negotiate too - for the daily labor that they sell every day to their employer.

What's wrong with that??


Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the EFCA becomes law and that the working people of this country can organize without all the unfair bullshit that the bosses pull now when they do.

It is Waaaaaaaay overdue!

Anonymous said...

Employees Free Choice Act will make it fair for the employees. What's wrong with that? Employers wont have to hire high priced union busting attorneys. All will benefit by this. ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION.