Monday, April 13, 2009

Remember These Poor Concept Packaging Workers?

That really has to be one of the most embarrassing, staged and self denigrating public displays ever seen. ..........I'm against myself, really.

The results are in concerning the alleged safety violations at Concept Packaging in Newburgh, the second largest perfume bottler in the nation.

Blocked exits, a blocked and restricted fire-suppression system, an inadequate flammable-storage room, improper storage of flammables, inadequate electrical equipment, inadequate personal-protective equipment, lack of hazard-communication training and machine-guarding hazards.

OSHA found over 30 violations and could be getting ready to fine the company over $60,000 for allowing those unsafe working conditions, some of them very dangerous.

Also involved are about 19 workers who have filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board claiming they lost their jobs when they were discovered to be part of a group that called in the union to organize the workers.

Seeing their fellow workers fired for starting to organize is what made the rest of those poor people march against themselves. Swearing that the dangerous conditions inside were ok and that they did not need the union. That was just pure intimidation coming out of those peoples pores. That is what fear looks like - in their eyes.

Soon, the National Labor Relations Board should rule on some of the discrimination charges on behalf of the 19 workers and also on the election date - which will actually be decided and held someday.

This is a classic and VERY LOCAL EXAMPLE OF why we need to pass the
Employee Free Choice Act.


Anonymous said...

That really is shameful. Talk about people who have nothing and insist on more of it because they are that afraid to speak up. They don't even know what sick days are or what the phrase paid vacation means.

Jen said...

This is a great example of why we need the Employee Free Choice Act. So in return for intimidation, coercion, and firings the NLRB has ruled the company must post signs saying the workers have the right to form a union... Only when meaningful financial penalties are in force against employers who break the law will workers truly have a fair environment to unionize. Under our current law every incentive is there for companies to break it.
Thanks for all your good efforts on behalf of workers Bullhorner!