Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kingston And Benedictine Nurses Working For Nistel - Stand Up And Be Counted

Registered Nurses who work for the private company called Nistel Inc. have voted to become part of the NYS Nurses Association. There are about 50 nurses who work at the hospitals who are employed by the company.

They join another 200 nurses from Benedictine hospital who already decided to join the union last September.

Now these workers can work along WITH management and create a written contract that will be beneficial for both labor and management. The nurses say that they chose to join the NYSNA because they feel comfortable knowing that this union is an expert organization in dealing with the issues that affect registered nurses.

The best part for all of the nurses involved is that they now will become part of the decision making process whenever an issue concerns the hours, wages and working conditions of the nurses.

It is just smart business to lay out a game plan and to look ahead at some of the issues that may arise and to work out those issues prior to the time that they occur. This saves time, money and a lot of hard feelings. It also lets all parties know that there is a standard to follow that everyone has had an opportunity to develop.

Great job NYSNA.

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