Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Benedictine Hospital Against Their Own Nurses

The Nurses at Benedictine Hospital want to band together, speak as one and become part of the NYS Nurses Association. Benedictine Hospital brass are so furious that they have hired a NYC law firm for a fee of hundreds of dollars an hour, to help scare the nurses out of thinking clearly.

The first move is always to attempt to get the issue wrapped up in court and challenge who can vote. If that doesn't work out they will move to the scare tactics and threats and the best part yet, telling the future. They will tell the nurses everything that will happen if they join together and speak as one. And the way they will tell it, it will all be bad. That's why they are going to spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of the "poor hospitals" money to - to what??? - save the nurses FROM THEMSELVES?

Tom Dee the Hospital CEO said that "Benedictine Hospital very firmly believes that a union does not serve the best interests of our nurses or the community of Kingston,". Is that right Tom?

So now you are going to spend hospital funds to hire a high priced law firm and PAY THE BILL to help the nurses to make the right decision? Because YOU AND THE HOSPITAL KNOW that they would be worse off if they banded together and you want to save them. Because you want them to stay economically strong like they are now and happy with how things are right now, with you in charge and them with no say in anything.

Does the Hospital like the UNION HEALTH PLANS in the area? You know, the ones that pay their bills. It takes a union to have those, especially the ones that cover the whole family. They pay your big salary too. Let the people have their chance to be represented. If you are fair, it will work out great for the hospital and the nurses. Don't fight your own employees, they're adults, let them make their decision. Remember - This is a working class area.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing the money companies can come up with to fight unions. Weren,t they almost broke a few years ago.

Brittany Turner said...

You are 100% correct on this one. Benedictine has also put up a lovely display in their cafeteria that is teeming with anti-union propaganda.

All the nurses want is an opportunity to vote. Benedictine should stop with its antics and allow them to use their vote to determine whether or not they want to be represented by NYSNA. If the nurses believe it is the best thing for Benedictine then I do, too.

Anonymous said...

Let the nurses make up their own mind. they don't need help from high priced lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Let the nurses make up their own mind. they don't need help from high priced lawyers.