Monday, August 11, 2008

Central Hudson Raises Rates While Helping to Lower Job Prospects

Local Central Hudson rate payers just got the good news. Their electric bills are going to increase to the highest cost ever. It just makes it hurt that much more - knowing that this makes twice - that our friendly, neighborhood, utility company has affected our collective local pocketbook. Now is a slow economic time, with high unemployment in the local construction trades. The jobs that would come with the Central Hudson project were welcome news. A multi million dollar hub would be built. The result, however, is not pretty. They have contractors on the site who have imported lower wage workers from out of state.

This includes a local businessmen who is also importing workers for lower wages. This makes the person with the high Ulster County monthly rent and HIGHER ELECTRIC BILL unable to compete for the jobs in their own town. Many of the jobs available on their new multi million dollar building were filled with out of state workers. Central Hudson didn't make sure the new hub they are building in the Town of Ulster was even creating JOBS FOR THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS.

Perfect timing for raising the rates. With slow economic times, I would venture to say that the amount of people requesting relief from their heat and utility bills will increase this winter. Actions like this one compound and spread like a plague. Buy Local is not just a commercial spot to buy on the radio. It means something in the real working peoples world. Central Hudson you set a poor example in regard to the "Hire Local" theme.

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