Friday, August 29, 2008

Pass The Employee Free Choice Act

The Employee Free Choice Act is a Law that pertains to the rights of Americans to organize into unions. All Americans have that right already BUT there are some unjust actions that occur during the process. After some companies become aware that their employees have decided to unionize, things can get a little sneaky and nasty. Believe it or not, some companies are against their employees having a union and a voice at work. The EFCA would practically eliminate the possibility of unjust actions by companies that WILL ATTEMPT hinder or stop the employees from having a union at all costs.

Now, employees sign cards to authorize the union to represent them, the union brings the cards to the National Labor Relations Board and they notify the company and schedule a hearing to see if enough employees want to form a union. At the hearing, the company will usually fight against the employees having an election and challenge the validity of the cards. Or that some employees shouldn't be in the group.

After that the Labor Board will set a date for an election. IT IS THE TIME BETWEEN THAT DATE AND THE ELECTION DATE that created the need for the EFCA. Captive Meetings, Big Shot Lawyers, Lies, Threats,Promises, Video Tapes, Handouts, Subliminal Messages in Paychecks and maybe even a couple of firings will occur - to chill the employees organizing. Take note - MONEY IS NO OBJECT.

Case in point locally is Benedictine Hospital. Watch the theater play out. I could script it all out for you - maybe I will.

The EFCA says if enough people sign the cards saying they want the union to represent them and the cards are shown and presented to the company, the company must recognize and bargain with the employees as a group. No more one month long, marathon,last ditch, all out effort to stop the employees from organizing.

It is time for Change. The American Workers need to be able to advance like everyone else in this whole economic system. Congress needs to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.


Anonymous said...

It is so plain to see that we need this law passed. I was wondering why the hospital hired a lawyer from the city.

Tana said...

Good post.