Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mayor Better Think This One Out

City of Kingston Mayor James Sottile has asked the common council to give him their opinions on ending what is called a "stint" workday for the city sanitation workers. The "stint" workday works like this: They don't take breaks or lunch, start real early in the morning and hustle off the streets as fast as they can. The reward for the workers is simple: They get to go home after they finish their route and make sure the trucks are taken care of. The reward for the city is: The giant sanitation trucks are not in every other businessmans way during the day- blocking the streets- and making stops at every address. This "stint" arrangement is not uncommon and makes all the sense in the world. Not every person will take on that job and this city has good workers on that stint shift too. The city knows that. Leave a win-win situation alone.

Just because the City decided to call workers back from their homes, after their "stint", - ONCE, that is no reason to change the entire relationship between the huge sanitation trucks and the average pressed for time citizen or businessman.


Anonymous said...

Mike Madsen is speaking out about stint work at the DPW in Kingston.His family builds homes so he says,if they give a home owner an estimate to drywall a home,and say they can do it in 6 days for a set price, and they bust their butts and get it done in 3 or 4 days, do you think they will give the home owner half the money back?? (Thats how stint works).

Anonymous said...

I would like to see him do a shift and then open his mouth about what somebody working it should do.