Friday, August 8, 2008

Central Hudson Builds Multi-Million Dollar Hub, Lets Contractors Import Workers

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Company is in the process of building a multi-million dollar hub and office in the Town of Ulster. They are renovating the former Miron Building and workers from Pennsylvania and Connecticut are making out like bandits! They have gained many jobs by simply undercutting the local peoples wages. The worst part is that a local contractor, Rondout Electric of Poughkeepsie is importing these workers from out of state. They arrive packed in vans and trucks every day, while your neighbors and fellow rate payers are unemployed. Too bad NYS can't track them down and at least make sure they collect some taxes. How awful that a local business man can't hire all local people. Central Hudson obviously condones it, it's right in their face. No wonder there are financial problems in this state. A deadly combination of local unemployment and imported transients ducking taxes -

By the way, Central Hudson has just proposed to raise their rates through the roof. First, put your customers on unemployment and then raise the rates - good business move. Shame on Central Hudson. By the way, I hear they hate it when you staple your payment check to your bill.

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