Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tommy Dee and the High Priced Lawyers Lose

Good News for the Benedictine Nurses. The Labor Board has ruled that they can have an election and vote FOR THE UNION!

Benedictine CEO Tommy Dee and his band of high priced lawyers tried to BLOCK the nurses from even having a chance to vote. They filed complaints with the labor board AGAINST THE NURSES to stop them from having a union. WHY is this so important that the hospital is willing to pay what will surely be at least a $100,000 in legal bills?? Lexington Avenue, New York Lawyers don't come cheap. Tommy Dee makes it sound like they are doing it all to PROTECT the nurses best interests. When else have they spent that amount of money, so quickly, for the nurses "benefit" ? To "protect" them?

Next comes the anti-union propaganda and mandatory meetings the hospital will hold to "explain" why the union is bad. Complete with handouts and videos too! All BS. All from Tommy Dee, the man who makes 100k plus and some NYC Lawyers, who make Tommy look poor. Oh yea, they are REALLY doing this FOR the nurses. They care now. Really. I hear the break rooms already have been supplied with anti union flyers. I also hear the nurses are determined, growing and on a mission. All they need to do is get by the Lexington Avenue scare tactics.

Thinking about it as a business man. Tommy, you should be fired. If the nurses want to join a union and it is not in their best interest - it must be bad for them, so it must make them weaker. Using your logic, wouldn't that BE BETTER FOR THE HOSPITAL?? How do you justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop that?

Unless it is not true. Unless it will really make them a little bit STRONGER and also force you to make fair decisions.

Tommy, the nurses don't need you as a daddy - to guide them in the right direction. They are adults who know what is best. Most have already raised children. They are smart people. They just want a voice at work, a real one. One that will be paid attention to and heard. That's all.

What are you scared about Tommy? Being fair? Having a balance? You say that "it is not in the best interest for the nurses to have a union." Come on out in public and explain that in detail. A good 45 minute conversation and you would be turned to mud - and you know it. You are wrong and doing this to keep the nurses voiceless, weak and unorganized.

Benedictine Hospital - I hope your contributors know they pay the legal bills here to fight their own nurses.

The community is watching this closely. Welcome to the court of public opinion.


Anonymous said...

Huge win for the nurses and all working families. Hopefully this is just the begining for the hospital staff. It won't be long before the nurses at Kingston Hospital see the benefits and security of forming a union.

Anonymous said...

Twiddle Dee is out a lot of money and the high priced lawyers are crying all the way to the bank. Do you thik twiddle dum at Kingston Hospital id going to fight as hard.

Anonymous said...

IF Tom Dee has such concern, why didn't show it prior to the union coming in to help?

When was the last time the hospital spent a hundred thousand to "protect" the nurses?

Tom Dee is full of crap.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that the hospital doesn't want to allow the nurses any kind of bargaining strength. Thats what will happen when they have a union, collectively - they are stronger.

Everyone still has to be fair but the teams are evened up a little with a union. The hospital is going to look bad here if they start a war with their own nurses.

Whistle Blower said...

Lets organize both hospitals and take back the City of Kingston for the working families. Throw these labor un-friendly democrats out of office. Mayor Sottile, Anne Marie DiBella, Mike Madsen, and Jim Noble, who doesn't even know what Steve Gorsline's contract looks like, but he approved it as a member of the council, have got to go.

Anonymous said...

CSEA KINGSTON does it again. Keep fighting guys that whole city is corrupt and you are proving it.

Anonymous said...

check to see how many hospitals in the metro-nyc area represented by unions? Theyr'e probably good hospitals!!

Anonymous said...

The nurses will win this becuase the hospital will be publicly exposed if they pull any crap. The people will side with the nurses.