Monday, August 25, 2008

The Suspen(d)se Is Killing Us

It has been reported that Kingston DPW Superintendent Steve Gorsline was suspended in regard to the sexual harassment probe going on in his department. At least that is what some Council people said they were told by Council President James Noble.

Now the Mayor has said that Gorsline is still working. Things are looking a little funny in the city of Kingston lately. It seems like all of the sudden the Common Council is in the dark about some things. Some on the Council are not even sure if Gorsline has a contract or not. ( Don't they vote on that contract like they do the CSEA's contract?)

To add to the fire, Gorsline just cashed in some major money for compensation owed and no one seems to know where the documents are to back it all up.

I can't believe that some on this council, who always are so knowledgeable and informed, are not even in the loop on this. Especially a couple council people who were so adamant that they knew what was happening while accusing city workers of talking on their phones, or explaining why we need to install GPS in the city workers vehicles or why the training the DPW workers asked for was just "political" or even the ones who rallied to stop that Godawful stint work - even they, don't seem to know what's going on.

There was once a childrens book called, "Find Waldo" - we should buy each council person a copy of it. It will be good practice to help them find their management employees.


Anonymous said...

The DA should be involved in this. someone or more are stealing our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Steve Gorsline will not return the Freeman's phone calls. The Mayor won't either. Something is definately brewing here. The only reason is that they are cooking the books.

Anonymous said...

The good ol boys club is at work here. Sottile negotiates the contract the council approves it, and nobody know what it says. Yet CSEA negotiates a contract and it sits in hteir lawyers office for months.

Anonymous said...

Sottile and Gorsline are in this together. They are joined at the hip. Both should be arrested.