Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Benedictine Nurses Vote To Join Union By A Two To One Margin!

The Nurses at Benedictine Hospital got a double election suprise when their votes were counted today at the National Labor Relations Board offices. Just this past week, management at Benedictine Hospital lost their challenge to hold up the election even further and the Board ruled that the sealed ballots must be opened.

After unsealing the ballots cast on September 18, it was apparent that an overwhelming number of the nurses voted YES and wanted to have the union represent them. A total of 110 nurses voted YES to join the union - with only 56 voting against representation.

The 56 no votes, no doubt, were most likely the victims of the NYC Law Firm hired by the hospital as union busters and to successfully scare them into voting against themselves.

The hospital still was allowed to challenge 23 voters ballots (a bullshit move on their part) - but even that number could not upset the mandate to unionize given by the undisputable majority of employees.

The Labor community of the Hudson Valley needs to keep a careful eye on this situation now and come to the aid of the nurses if they need it.

The next textbook management move would be to stonewall any meaningful negotiations.

Let's hope that hospital management is done being unproductive and that they come to the table and bargain in an amicable manner and in good faith. If not, Hudson Valley Labor Report has already begun compiling the OUTRAGEOUS salaries that some of these upper crust hospital management employees make each year. It will knock your socks off - especially so when these will be the same ones at the bargaining table crying poverty.

I feel like a cat looking at a ball of string.


Anonymous said...

We got your back Benedictine nurses! Just let the word out if you need help.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the nurses and a big bronx cheer to the hospital!