Thursday, November 6, 2008

Union Endorsements Are A Powerful Tool

Doesn't it seem strange that with the Democratic tsunami that has swept even marginal candidates into office, that there is one local race that is tight as can be? The race for Ulster County Comptroller is the only race not decided yet. Jim Quigley is slightly ahead of Elliot Auerbach with only the absentee ballots left to be counted. Point of order: Jim Quigley is also twice as qualified for the job than Auerbach is.

Given the pro-Democratic climate in this election year, and the opportunity for Auerbach to ride in on Heins coattails, what made it such a tight race for this Ulster Democrat?

Hein, by the way, had the endorsement of all of the local union organizations in the area and won by a 10,000 vote spread.

Auerbach thought he was a smart guy months ago as an IDA member, masquerading as a supporter of prevailing wages for the construction trades right up until the question was voted on. He chose to ignore the facts and figures of the prevailing wage issue at hand and voted - with a big smile - to delete it.

Soon after, Elliot announces that he will be running for Ulster County Comptroller.

During every election year, organized labor is sought out for endorsements, We carry many, many votes across our vast array of local organizations and thousands of voting members. AND WE HAVE LONG MEMORIES.

Jim Quigley got the union endorsements and Elliot Auerbach became the poster boy for people who B.S. and then smile while they vote against the working people.

The race is not over and who knows who the winner will be. The extra time, money, sweat and debt that we helped make neccessary for Auerbach was well worth it. If Auerbach supported working people he would have been what Hein is today. A winner. No doubt about that.

Either way, organized labor has made its point.


Anonymous said...

The $250,000 Quigley spent had nothing to do with it right? Don't give yourself so much credit. Quigley is as close as he is because he tried to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Auerbach spent just as much if not more. If he did not vote against prevailing wage twice while on the IDA he would be celebrating just like Hein.

Obama, Hinchey, Cahill, Larkin, Hein all had Union Backing and all won by simular margins.

Union backing is vital to any campaign. That's why the politicians covent them.

And next year we'll have the Benedictine nurses on our side also.

Anonymous said...

Yea right, Auerabach could use all those votes Hein got from his union endorsement. As they say, paybacks a bitch

Anonymous said...

Let that be a message to any IDA board member thinking about running for office. Even if its 10 years from now we will remember how you vote.
So think twice before you vote against the working class, or you too WILL end up like Auerbach on the outside looking in. That goes for his cronie Nick Woerner.

Woerner poured tons of his war chest into Auerbachs campaigne and supports his ideas.

Your in trouble next year Nickie.

bullhorner said...

To all: There are certain words - some found in George Carlins 7 words you cant say - that Hudson Valley Labor Report won't print - sorry. We believe in pulling no punches as much as the next guy but -use those and you don't make the cut.

My only comment is at least one Elliot supporter can't hack it and is flipping