Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Is Why We Need Barack Obama And The Employee Free Choice Act

This is an eye opening look into what really happens when management becomes aware of their employees attempts to join or form a union. When you read or hear that the company has hired an attorney or a law firm - this is what that law firm was hired to do. It has nothing to do with protecting the companys rights etc. It is to forcefully change the employees desire to organize.

In no other circumstance in the workplace, do employers feel that they need to hire an attorney to address their employees needs or desires.

The ULTIMATE LIE is that these attorneys or "labor relations specialists" are somehow hired to educate and protect the workers and to help them make the right decisions.

That is out and out bullcrap and it is happening right here in the Hudson Valley, countless times each year!

Finally though, employees are figuring out that the real purpose of the attorneys, lawfirms, labor specialists, captive meetings and "education" are actually to work to their detriment, not their benefit.

Vote for Barack Obama on Tuesday and the elimination of this anti-worker practice will be just one improvement you will see for the American workers - in addition to many, many others.

Obama in 2008

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Anonymous said...

Thanks bullhorner for the video on fear and intimidation through union busting. I think its disgusting on the lengths that some employers will go to keep collective bargaining out of the workplace. Knowledge is power! And remember,United we bargain, Divided we beg!