Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Way! Not Another 4 Years Like The Last Eight!!

This is exactly what you will get if John McCain gets in the White House. To just double check yourself, THINK, do you hear any of the hardcore Bush supporters saying how good he was anymore? Absolutely not! They are embarrassed of him.

Of Course, it almost took a NATIONAL DEPRESSION AND COLLAPSE OF THE UNITED STATES for the Bushies to see the light!

Now they are running from him like rats. The only problem now is that they are trumpeting for more of the same with John McCain.

Time to clean house folks.

Obama in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Were voting Obama on tuesday election day, we dont get fooled again!

Joe Bubel said...

Give me a break. You believe EVERYTHING you see on TV advertising? McCain is the most vilified republican, among republicans, currently active. McCain is nothing like Bush. He is so much NOT Bush, that, just in case you forgot, John Kerry ASKED him to be his VP. Did you forget that many democrats, INCLUDING Joe Biden, felt McCain was more on 'their' side than the republicans.

If you believe this ad, you must also believe that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum as a proactive way to fight tooth decay.

Joe Bubel said...

One more thing I might add. I would be torn between McCain and Clinton, seriously. I think McCain is a republican in party affiliation only.

Clinton would have won this campaign hands down. You were among the millions who thought Obama's past, Rezko, would bring him down. But like a good boy, you will vote the line.

bullhorner said...

Thats where you are out of touch Joey boy - Labor isn't married to ANY party. Especially in LOCAL POLITICS. Just so happens that on the NATIONAL level your party keeps producing shitheads that care more about the corporations than the American people. THAT PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

Thats just the facts. Always have and always will be, I guess.

When somebody thinks like that, you can count LABOR on the other side.

I bet you can't say that YOU aren't married to any party - even locally.

Big Mistake Joey.

Thats the difference in voting for THE PARTY ( like you) and VOTING FOR THE PERSON ( like us )

Anonymous said...

Joe Bubel says he is nothing like Bush but he voted 90% with Bush.

Makes no sense Bubel.

Anonymous said...

How can you vote WITH the president? He doesn't get a vote?

I can't wait for an Obama presidency. I won't HAVE to work to pay for the staples in life. You know, Health Care, Housing, food. I can go back to following my dreams, which doesn't pay well, but sure makes me happy. The government will work out the details of my life for me.

Anonymous said...

"with" meaning in "lock step" .
had to figure that one out for ya? You must be the one on the poll all out of step

Anonymous said...

Both McCain AND Obama care more about the corporations than the American people. THAT'S the pudding you speak of. Absolute bullshit in saying you'd vote for the person rather than the party. And what's with the "you" and "us"? This is the crap that's gotten us into this decade-old mess to begin with. The changing of the guard, is to be expected...what we really need is a changing of process. The majority of you ignorant band-wagoners out there, don't even know that there are SEVEN CANDIDATES on the ballot! What ever happened to due diligence? Educate yourselves, PLEASE.

bullhorner said...

First off, the "you and us" YOU ESTABLISHED from your first post on. You broke two cardinal rules that seperate you from me 1) you hate the unions and 2) you like Bush and McCain.

Thats two strikes and I know I can make you look silly with any pitch I want now.

and oh yea, Obama is really a corporate get a hearing aid.

Joe Bubel said...

2:11 wasn't me Bullhorn.

I never said I hate unions. I stated, you can check the record you liar, that unions have their place, but are not the end all answer to every problem. I have been a union man, when I worked for the State. I signed my name to a union card at IBM. I do not hate unions.

So I defend Bush Cheney, and that makes me an enemy? A strike against me? I guess the FREE exchange of ideas and information is not allowed or frowned upon in your world. Is that what I can expect from an Obama world to?

You are the one who has the knee-jerk reaction, which is usually demeaning and outright arrogant. You must be a union boss, and this is how you keep your people in step.

Anonymous said...

Wrong on both strikes, Mr. Bullhorner. Care to try again?

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:11, I agree with you, there is a "you and us " line in the political sand. The " you" being lemings for a political party and "us" being labor who are truly free to endorse and vote the person who we feel will best vote on the floor for working people's best interest. It is a matter of principal, not politics for us. We actually stand for something, primarily workers rights and safety and good wages, etc. What do you stand for? If Obama happened to be a Republican you'd more than likely be backing him. And don't pontificate to us about education ourselves, you condescending asshole. I belonged and worked hard for a political party and got nothing for my trouble but heartburn and headaches. Being involved with the labor movement is the most gratifying experience I've known. What Union were you involved with at IBM? You are probably still scrubbing the shit ring off of your neck from having your head up your boss' ass. We don't have to do that.

Anonymous said...

Joe - if you still can defend Bush and Cheney, I have one question: Are you a veteran?

My husband is a Viet Nam veteran, and he would NEVER support sending anyone else's kid into war!

bullhorner said...

Joe, I didn't say it WAS

Thats your guilty conscience

Anonymous said...

WOW 2:20...I applaud your use of the 'big' words, but your obscenities leave a bad taste in my mouth. You paint me a Republican, without a proper brush, and apparently my canvas scares you. Worker's rights, safety, good wages, like you say, are of course important and yes, necessary. You'd have to be a total idiot to think otherwise. Logically though, these principles ARE possible without unions. Don't get me wrong however, unions have their place, I am not anti-union, but just like big government, there are things that need some serious reform.

And as far as this 'ring' around my neck...we all have one.

Local 802 of the AFM if you're interested.

Good luck tomorrow.

bullhorner said...

You say that wages, benefits etc are POSSIBLE without a union and I guess that could be true for very few but in general that is NOT the case. Especially in the last few years. As for union reform, there has been more regulation put on unions in the last 8 years than any other segment of society.

What we need more of is the absolute freedom of the people to have a union when they want it - two local cases within the last few months - Benedictine and the infamous Newburgh Perfume workers.

There is where we need change - thus the Employee Free Choice Act.
( Which McCain has vowed will be dead if he is President and Obama supports).

A real union man doesn't make statements like you do - kind of a little bit pregnant if you ask me - no good pal.

Once again - Obama in 2008