Friday, November 7, 2008

Benedictine Union Nurses Show Their Badges Of Courage

Photo Times Herald Record

Congratulations to the Benedictine Nurses for having the courage to stand up and be counted! For having the courage to speak out, the courage to demand to be heard and the courage do something about it! They are an inspiration to all workers in the area and deserve the support of all of the unions in the entire Hudson Valley.

Clifton, Budd & DeMaria, the NYC Lawfirm hired by the hospital to stop the nurses from voting for the union, were no match for the will of the nurses.

What a waste of the probably thousands and thousands of dollars spent by the hospital to fight their own employees!

Let's hope that the hospital doesn't ever cry poverty in the future, we will ask to see how exactly how much money they foolishly spent. They could have used that money FOR the employees - not AGAINST them.

The Labor community will be keeping a SHARP EYE on the bargaining that will soon take place.

Now,now - everybody play nice.

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Anonymous said...

The nurses always had the support of most people in our community. The hospital ought to do the right thing now and be fair to them.