Sunday, November 9, 2008

Construction Users Round Table Study Points To Union Labor As More Productive: Better Training Is Key

The Construction Users Round Table, a nationwide group of major businesses and construction users, commissioned a study to answer the age-old question of whether union or non-union workers were more productive and more economical to employ.
It is not surprising to anyone involved in the construction business to find out that the group with a superior emphasis on TRAINING is the obvious choice. While most union workers make a great deal more in wages and benefits than their non union counterparts, the cost of any project involves two very closely related components in regard to labor. Wages AND Hours. A skilled and trained workforce can be paid more and still cost less.

It is a fact that EACH YEAR, the Hudson Valley Building Trades Council affiliates invest millions of dollars training our local residents in apprenticeship programs and journeyman upgrade courses.

Support the local Building Trades affiliates when you see that they have an issue regarding their standards or jobs and are out asking for the publics support.

They are providing countless local people with the opportunity to properly learn a trade and to have the chance to support their families with dignity at the same time.

With your support they can continue to offer that opportunity to countless local residents in the future. Maybe even you or someone in your family.

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Anonymous said...

Only makes sense. People who are trained to do their jobs do them better and faster.