Sunday, November 30, 2008

President Elect Obama: A Man With A Plan For America

As President Elect, Barrack Obama addresses the nation every week. It is clear that one big change in his administration is that he is going to address US and speak to US. "Us" meaning the American people.

The last guy we had in office seemed like he was giving his weekly address to the "Iraqi people" every time he spoke.

He spoke so much about the "Iraqi people" every time you saw him it made you wonder if he even knew the "American people" existed. It was like he forgot about us. Our situation now shows all too well that he did.

This first change is a welcome one - let's think and speak about what the American people need - for a change.


Anonymous said...

I love when I hear the anti-Obama people mock his choices for Cabinet members in relation to it not being "change".

It is true, they forget what we are changing from.

Jeremiah said...

I've got a plan too! I am applying for a bailout. Get them while their hot.

bullhorner said...

Lets hope Obama can stop the trend of letting the corporate thieves drive us to that point.

Anonymous said...


bullhorner said...

Yea he really sailed through. I bet he would rather have been able to digest his turkey like the rest of the Democrats. It took him an extra month to find out he got lucky and squeeked through. No big deal here. So now, he can have it for two years.

Almost 80,000 votes and you win by 250 - oops 150 votes in a DEM year?....I wouldn't be thumping my chest too hard.